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The Foundation Repair Process Is Divided Into 5 Steps

You’ll be able to determine whether or not your home has a Foundation Repair Tampa problem once you’ve understood the basics of your home’s foundation and the indicators of foundation trouble. However, if you feel your home has foundation problems, you should research both the foundation process and hire the correct foundation professional.

Foundation Inspection of your house

A skilled foundation consultant will help you through this process. During the home evaluation, experts develop a visual map of the house. In order to figure out what’s causing the problem, they’ll look to see where the damage is.

Experts use both qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct this foundation assessment. Experts can usually establish the root area by noting the location of fissures or other types of damage.

Analyze the Data

They move on to the next part of the Foundation Repair Orlando after assessing the damage to the home, which allows for a more precise estimate of the damage using measurements.Then they’ll consider any roofing difficulties as well as variations in humidity, as both of these things might contribute to cracking.

Identifying the Root of the Problem

The expert will most likely be able to establish the exact cause of the foundation damage, if any, using the visual map and the real data. They can objectively calculate the origins of the damage by comparing the inconsistencies or overlap in the two mapping diagrams.

A foundation specialist will be asked many inquiries. Consider some of the questions they’ve asked. While they’ll probably ask themselves these questions, it’s good if you have any information that can assist them in identifying any contributing elements to the foundation damage.

They’ll ask you and your house a series of questions to gather information, such as:

  • What’s causing the greatest havoc?
  • This season, has it rained a lot?
  • Has a drought occurred?
  • Are the corners eroding?
  • Is there a leak in the pipes?

Where do visual harm and measurements cross paths?

All of these factors can play a role in the movement of a slab or foundation. To discover the true cause, it must be a holistic strategy that considers all possible elements.

Damage Assessment

If the foundation movement is confirmed, the expert must estimate how many piers are required based on the location of your home’s concrete beams.

What is the definition of “pier”? Piers support the foundation by being massive cylinders driven into the earth. These cylinders, sometimes known as piers, are installed by digging out every six to eight feet near the foundation, which usually addresses the foundation problem. Not the internal beams, but the outer beams.

Experts will be able to assess how many piers are required to level your home’s foundation based on your home’s measurements and the amount of damage discovered.

Implementation of the Foundation Repair System

The actual repair is simple and takes considerably less time than you might expect. Experts start by boring holes straight down the foundation around the pier locations they’ve determined.

They begin installing the piers once they have built a correctly sized hole.

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