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 The Making of a Shag Rug

 The Making of a Shag Rug

Home decor represents your personality. A balanced decor makes your abode classy and chic. While furnishing the home, never ignore floors. They are the central pillar in decorating an area. Cold floors give an uncomfortable sensation to the feet. At the same time, A cozy floor provides warmth and style to the room. Rugs support your room decor giving it style and statement. While shopping for rugs, you may have come across soft fluffy rugs which are attractive and look cozy, known as shag rugs. These are the soft and smooth rugs that enhance a simple decor.

Shag Rugs

It is a soft and comfortable rug having long fur and fluffy. They give a marshy look to the room. Shag rugs were in trend in the 60s and 70s. They have made a comeback in the 2020s. Shag rugs are cozy and warm. They are high-pile rugs. Shag rugs, due to their texture, are hard to maintain. They are suitable for less crowded areas. These rugs are durable and last for many years. They are available in different colors, styles, patterns, etc. These rugs come under the high-end rug category because of their design and texture. Shag rugs look beautiful on wooden floors as it enhances the beauty of your home decor. These types of rugs go well with the contemporary or minimalistic decor. It can also be used in houses decorated with traditional styles because these rugs give a vintage feel to the house decor. Designers recommend using shag rugs instead of silk rugs because they provide warmth and texture, whereas silk only enhances the beauty of your flooring but doesn’t add any value to it.

Shag Rugs Material

Shag area rugs are soft, comfy rugs made of a variety of materials. They come in various shapes and sizes. They are high pile rugs and even best for layering. Here we have listed some best shag rug materials.

  • Wool

 Wool shag rugs are more famous and trendy and have their origin in Greek. They have a thick pile and the softest texture. They give a luxurious and glamorous look to the room. Wool shag rugs are best for bedrooms or a corner where foot traffic is less. These rugs require a lot of care and maintenance.

  • Faux Fur

Faux fur is the most gorgeous and cozy shag rug. It is expensive compared to other shag rugs. At the same time, It has the thickest pile and long fur. They look good in English-style homes or farmhouses.

  • Polyester

Polyester gives a soft feel to the feet. And to your surprise, they are easy to clean and affordable. They come in a wide variety and offer a marshy look to the room. They are best for kids’ rooms or a tea corner. At the same time, Polyester shag rugs also come in a colorful pallet.

  • Leather

Leather shag rugs are delicate and unique. They are luxurious, soft and their fibers are delicate. They are easy to clean. Leather shag rugs are a choice of interior designers.

  • Flokati

Flokati is a shag rug made from goat wool. They are made of 100% wool,hand-woven, and less in thickness. Also, these are lightweight and easy to handle rugs. They come in white or neutral shades.

  • Polypropylene

It is a synthetic material. It is most durable and comes in vibrant shades. Despite this, A polypropylene shag rug is best for outdoors or highly ventilated areas.

  • Nylon

Its a synthetic product. Nylon shag rugs are soft and warm, thanks to their fine fibers. They come in a wide spectrum of colors ranging from bright to neutral tones. These best suit high-traffic areas as they don’t wear out easily.

Weaving Process of Shaggy Rugs

The process of weaving shag rugs requires the use of different materials. The common ones are wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Weaving is done on either a floor or an electric power loom, making it faster than hand-woven products. As mentioned, there are three yarns used in making shag rugs. These are cotton, wool, and nylon. Each of them brings out different benefits depending on the area where it is to be used. For example, Nylon shag rugs are more durable than others because they do not contain organic materials, which may deteriorate over time. At the same time, wool is soft and durable.

Crafting if Shag Rug

These rugs are made by cutting the pile into strips and then weaving it together. The common length of these rugs is about three feet to four feet in width, but they can be made wider than that if desired. The cutting of the pile is done by using a sharp blade that cuts through it in one go. The strips are then woven together with cotton threads to make these rugs. The rug is then given a finishing touch by using an adhesive to bond the loose ends of the rugs.

The Making of a Shag Rug

Shag rugs are typically made from wool, acrylic, or polyester, then cut into strips and woven together with cotton threads. The result is given a final touch using some form of adhesive to secure any loose ends. Making a shag rug typically takes around a week, but the time frame will vary depending on how intricate a design is desired.

Fiber and Texture of the Rug

The fibers used to make shag rugs can vary depending on preference and availability. While wool is a popular option, acrylic and polyester fibers offer an inexpensive alternative without requiring much maintenance. The rug’s design will depend largely on personal taste; however, some designs tend to be more common than others. Shag Rug Design Different types of shag rugs have different shapes and textures. These designs are mainly classified by the number of yarns per inch in the rug’s pile, which is a measurement that refers to how dense or coarse the fibers making up a part of it are. A lower-pile design has an average density of about three to five yarns per inch, an option for those who prefer a soft and luxurious feel. A medium-pile shag rug has about seven to twelve yarns per inch, making it more durable than its lower-density counterpart and ideal for homes with pets or children.

Benefits Of Using Shag Rug

Shag rugs are a comfortable and chic addition to your home. They make plain decor stylish and give it an instant-ready look. They make floors cozy, and it feels great to feel in winter evenings or a movie night with friends. Some additional benefits are:

  • Beautiful and funky.
  • Soft feel to your feet.
  • Place a designer-inspired look.
  • Durable rugs.
  • Mostly come in soft shades, making them the perfect choice for kids’ and teens’ room designs.

Summing Up

The shag rugs are a great addition to your home decor. They are comfortable and cozy, add style to the place and have some additional benefits as well. In our opinion, shag rugs can be used in several different rooms of the house such as a living room or bedroom, for example, because they give it a soft feeling when you step on them with bare feet. RugKnots has the best place to buy rugs for your home. They have a huge variety of rugs.

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