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The Top 3 Exotic Camps In Bhutan To Have An Amazing Time

There is a paradise where the whimsical attraction of nature embraces you to enjoy the rhythm of the blue shimmering bodies and dance with the waving leaves of the lush green forest, with the sparkling brightness of golden mountains and the luminous sky above. Bhutan appears to be alive with brilliant colors, rugged peaks, shimmering beaches, limestone cliffs, and off-the-beaten-path adventure opportunities. It seems to be right out of a storybook, where every wish becomes a reality. Bhutan’s endless camping spots might speed your heartbeat if you’re looking for a piece of true adventure.

Bhutan is a little nation with a story to tell on every corner. This country of the happiest people on the planet comprises several little villages and towns with no infrastructure that will genuinely transport you back in time. These are remote spots that are ideal for exotic camp in Bhutan. Go through this so that you can plan your trip accordingly.


This area is also known as the Eastern Bhutan Paradise. You may camp here and make the most of it in the autumn. Located around 77 kilometers from Mongar, the lush forests and steep mountains will entice you with their beautiful splendor. Camp by the Kuri Chhu River and marvel at how Mother Nature is at its finest in Lhuentse. This location is also well-known for its beautiful weaving patterns. You’ll come across local ladies using their handy skills while the weave, if you’re lucky. You may converse with them, and they will greet you with open arms.

There is no more satisfying sensation than pitching your tent here and looking at the stars in a clear sky. The out-of-this-world environment of Lhuentse will provide you with an exquisite retreat from the monotony of life, allowing you to rediscover your true self. You may watch the crimson sun gently set over the gorgeous sky horizon in fall. This area’s stunning peaks, dispersed valleys, and villages provide a picturesque backdrop ideal for a one-of-a-kind camping experience.

2. Limukha

If you wish to live your life in the lap of nature, away from the mayhem and bustle, Limukha is the finest camping spot for you. This little town in western Bhutan is unquestionably a camper’s paradise. Wrapped in the embrace of nature, the location has been spared any architectural intrusion and is exceedingly pure and quiet. The picturesque splendor of this camp location may be enjoyed at any time of year, as Bhutan welcomes you with open arms.

The nice thing about this camping spot is that you may visit it at any time of year except during the rainy season when the site might become muddy and patchy. Explore the magnificent leisure location to camp and mystify all of your senses with the actual majesty of this area. The followings are one of the nicest camping spots in Bhutan, carefully designed to entice your senses.

3. Gangtey

This is the most peaceful and lovely area to pitch a tent in Bhutan. Waking up with a vista of gorgeous mountains and lakes is a sheer delight. Gangtey is a little hamlet in western Bhutan that is incredibly stunning. While camping at Gangtey, you may visit Gogona Lhakhang and mingle with Bhutanese locals. Bhutanese people are kind and will teach you about their culture. This location is near the Himalayas and is quite frigid during the winter. Go camping in the spring and fall seasons. 

The nicest thing about this location is that it has escaped modernization and damaging human activity. Over here, you may camp in the open and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This location is also recognized for its rich cultural past, which you should fully explore. 


Traveling and going to an exotic camp is a step toward better understanding oneself and nature, and what better location to explore than this country’s unspoiled lands? What are you waiting for? Bhutan has its arms wide for you. Make plans to visit Bhutan right immediately.You can plan a trip with Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd as it offer the best Bhutan tourism package where you can have an amazing time exploring the places and enjoying with your families and friends. 

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