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If YOU want to improve the results and functionality of your WordPress blog, I strongly encourage you to look at the various WordPress offerings. Many people don’t realize how powerful a WordPress blog is because they only use the pre-available tools that they see in front of them. Some also don’t look beyond these tools to explore what other features WordPress has.

Here are some things YOU need to think about when creating your posts:

When creating your posts, DO make sure YOU include all the tags for each post. Do not create special tags for each post.

If you have an existing blog and are not seeing the traffic results you want, I highly recommend investing in the WordPress All in One SEO Pack. It’s a WordPress plugin. If you just search for “SEO Pack WordPress” it will come up. Basically, it’s an all-in-one tool that optimizes your WordPress blog for the search engines. It’s an extremely improved tool that does a lot of cool stuff that you might want to think about. One of its abilities is that it avoids typical duplicate content on your WordPress blog. It can do a lot more, but if you take a look at the All In One SEO Pack for WordPress page, you’ll be able to see the endless amount of offers available to the average blogger.

Another important thing YOU should keep in mind when creating your blog posts in WordPress or any other blogging software or website is to never put a lot of keywords in your tags. The search engines see this as spam. If you have 20 keywords placed in your tag, that’s way too much. best wordpress tools I would suggest reducing it to about a third of that amount. Too many keywords in your tag will result in excellent results from the search engines. Too many keywords in your tags will result in poor traffic results, which is a bad recipe for disaster.

However, remember that SEO, keywords, and tags aren’t the only things YOU can do to improve your blog’s performance. As I always say, create articles and submit them to an article directory site and get those articles referenced on your blog. This way you not only rely on organic traffic, but also get very good traffic from high traffic directory sites. Follow these tips and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start seeing some great results with your blog.

3 reasons why WordPress is the best blogging tool

Blogging is widespread and anyone can easily create a blog online using free web services, but none of them can beat a hosted solution for presenting your own unique online presence. Free blogging tools limit the customization options on your page and offer the same templates that everyone uses. You will definitely want more originality! A self-hosted platform with your own domain name is the right choice. Among all hosted blogging platforms, WordPress wins my vote for best blogging script. There are three main reasons: numerous add-ons, flexible customization, and stronger user support. After reading this article you will be tempted to create a self-hosted WordPress blog now!

WordPress offers a wide range of plugins and customization tools to enhance your blogging experience. Functionality is key to separating one blogging tool from another, and it WILL NOT disappoint in any way. If you want to monetize your blog, there are addons like AdSense Deluxe, alinks and AdManager etc. to monetize your blog space. However, with free services, you are often prohibited from using commercial add-ons. You can also find add-ons to customize your blog format, add social marketing elements, connect to web 2.0 properties like Flickr, Facebook, MSN, Digg, etc.; and plugins that can optimize your blog performance such as caching and SEO (search engine optimization). There’s almost nothing you can’t do with it. And the best part is, if you know PHP, you can even write a WordPress plugin yourself! Your blog will never be the same again.

WordPress also makes it easy to customize everything you see. With tons of plugins and themes, you can unleash your creativity and make your blog stand out. There are literally thousands of themes you can find online, and most of them are free WordPress templates with open-source code. A theme can easily be changed. If you are after Premium -Templates see below

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