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Tips to Display Bathroom Towels

One of the things that make spas and hotel bathrooms seem so fancy is the way they keep and display their bath towels. They’re always so neat, crisp, clean, and accessible. Here are a few simple ways which you can follow to make your home bathroom look beautiful too. All you have to do is to hang your towel by adding to the decoration and style.

  1. Ladder Shelf 

Think about using a ladder-style shelf to hang your towels. This type of display is easy to maintain and has a slim profile which makes it great for small spaces.

  1. Store in a Crate 

Folding your towels and keeping them in stacked crates can create a beautifully organized display and gives a perfect bathroom vibe.

  1. Rustic Rack 

Install a multi-level towel rack in which the wood is nailed to mounting strips, stained, and fastened to the wall.  It’s a great way to store rolled towels and maintains your bathroom’s rustic look.

  1. Branch Towel bar 

Turn an old branch into a functional and beautiful towel bar. You can look for tutorials on how to install it in your bathroom.

  1. Use wooden hangers 

Using two scrap pieces of wooden hangers as towel bars you can easily create a visually appealing look for your bathroom.

  1. Create something with old door knobs 

By being creative, you can style your bathroom in a number of different ways. You can use your old house door knobs to hang your towels in a row.

Here we have also listed a few ways how you can store your towels by keeping them clean and turning your bathroom into a cozy space.

  1. Baskets 

Bath towel storage in baskets adds texture and convenience. You can fit a large and soft towel easily in a hanging basket by folding them. These are within reach of the shower and they display the lofty cotton towels perfectly. In addition, baskets add a decorative element while being functional at the same time. You can also move them around when needed especially in small spaces.

  1. Hanging or Draping 

Another useful and common way to display your towels is to drape them or hang them. They can be really helpful for the main use of drying hands even if the towel’s size is generous enough. Hooks on the wall are able to hold the extra large towel and those hung on hooks above the doors can easily hold the weight of a luxury towel.

  1. Folded 

Another amazing idea is to store your bath towels folded when you’re not draping, rolling, or hanging them. Nothing looks more organized and elegant all at the same time than a nicely folded towel. They can be stacked inside cabinets or arranged in rows outside cabinets.

Elegant towels like these really are an upgrade for our tiny little space, and we have loved having them. It is a luxury that any bathroom can enjoy.

Additional Tips for Displaying Towels 

One aspect of displaying towels is knowing how to fold and hang them. There are a lot more considerations to make when trying to come up with the most inventive and attractive ways to display your towels. You also need to think about:

  1. Location

A great solution is to stack your towels in a bin or basket. Not only is this an attractive display, but it also makes the towels easy to take as you can just grab the basket as a whole instead of having to worry about carrying multiple loose towels. A bamboo plant or even peacock feathers can be placed inside a basket to fancy it up further. The towels could also be set up on an accessible shelf. Folded towels should be stacked on top of each other and rolled towels should be stacked in a pyramid shape. Displays such as these always look appealing and make it easy for guests to grab a towel and go.

  1. Color 

While color doesn’t affect a towel’s functionality, it significantly affects how a towel looks. A heap of mismatched towels all thrown together will still work just as well as matching ones, but they won’t be inviting for guests. This might not be a problem if all of your towels are white or another solid color. As you craft your towel exhibits and plan how to arrange them, one of the elements you’ll want to consider is the color. Try to group coordinating colors together.

  1. Accessories 

The best way to dress up your stack of towels is to find the right accessories with them. These accessories may be items guests will use, or they may be purely decorative and set out simply to elevate the design and make the towels seem more inviting.

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