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Top 10 Amazing Reasons Why Many People Want to Visit Sydney

There are many lovely sites around the globe. Yes, some are more beautiful than others, but it is the overall atmosphere of the city that makes you appreciate it, not just the landmarks you get to see or the natural wonders you can enjoy. As a result, it’s safe to argue that every location on Earth is beautiful in its own right. Nonetheless, certain locations are more popular than others. What is the reason for this? What is it about a city that attracts so many tourists? It is precisely that unique atmosphere, that city X factor, that it possesses. Sydney is one of those places where no one leaves without falling in love with it.

So what are the reasons why a lot of people like to visit this beautiful city? Keep reading if you’re interested to know more! 

1. Restaurants on the water

group of people in kitchen

This is not something that every city can boast of. Sydney is one of the few cities in the world that truly values its waterfront, so if you find yourself there, don’t miss out on dining at one of the city’s excellent waterfront restaurants. However, keep in mind that these are really popular, so you may need to reserve a table ahead of time. 

If not, though, one of the restaurants will be able to accommodate you. Another alternative is to simply go for a walk along the river – it may sound monotonous and uninteresting right now, but it is absolutely worth a try.

2. The extravagant nightlife

Even though this is something that every major city possesses, Sydney’s nightlife is truly unique. To begin with, no matter what hour you go out, you will be able to find a spot to dance the night away or simply relax at the bar and drink drinks or beers.

If you’re a lady, you might be able to find fantastic stripper clubs for guys, and the same goes for men – if you want to have a crazy good bachelor night, go to a strip club in Sydney and explore what Sydney has to offer. If this is something that interests you, though, you will find a plethora of underground parties.

3. The world-famous opera house

Seeing this architectural marvel is motivation enough to visit Sydney, and it’s easy to get a great view from a variety of locations around the harbour. Of course, getting up close and personal with the Opera House is a must (don’t forget to try some cocktails at the legendary Opera Bar next door), but I also appreciated the views from the Royal Botanical Gardens and by ferry.

The next time you visit Sydney, here’s a tip: make a point of looking out the Opera House performance calendar and purchasing tickets to a show so that you can enjoy the complete experience.

4. The weather is perfect

three white yachts on calm water

When it comes to deciding on a favorite city, the weather is always a factor. While some individuals appreciate the occasional cold and travel to colder parts of Europe, such as Norway or Finland, the majority of people prefer to dip their toes in the ocean or the sea. Well, Sydney is one of the destinations where you may do the latter, as it not only has fantastic beaches but also has fantastic weather. Sydney has the best of all worlds: it is mostly bright and hot, but it can get cooler in certain months, which can provide a welcome respite from the heat and a great opportunity to bundle up and watch your favorite show as you sip a nice warm tea. Don’t worry as this will not take long. 

5. The world’s most photographed pool

The most renowned pool in Sydney, and maybe the most photographed pool in the world, is located just south of Bondi Beach. The Bondi Icebergs, to be precise. Despite its high-end attractiveness, this ocean-front rock pool has been a Sydney mainstay for over 100 years and costs a fairly reasonable $6.50 for an adult day pass. If you want a classic Sydney experience as well as some amazing Instagram stuff, this is a must-do.

6. Architecture that will take your breath away

Most people anticipate Sydney to be a futuristic metropolis before going there. Not in the same way that Dubai and Singapore are modern, but you won’t expect to see the beautiful old-world architecture that you see in Europe here. However, you’ll be proven wrong!

If you’re a fan of European architecture, head right to the Queen Victoria Building, which was constructed in the late 1800s and today functions as a shopping arcade. Another such construction nearby is the Strand Arcade, which is the only one of its sort remaining standing in its original form. You’ll be particularly taken aback by the decorations within the Wentworth Gallery on Elizabeth Street, which will transport you to Paris in no time. It’s also a fantastic venue to see both contemporary and Aboriginal art. 

Aside from that, you’ll also fall in love with the neighborhood in Sydney. From Italian to French, the homes in Sydney are very diverse in design and interior. You would definitely dream of buying houses for sale in Inner West Sydney, so make sure to enjoy the view of picturesque houses while you’re there. 

7. A wide range of art to appreciate

low angle photography of gray and beige building

Sydney may not be as avant-garde in the arts as its rival, Melbourne, but it does provide a diverse range of art to enjoy. For example, every year during Australian Spring, there’s the world-famous Sculpture by the Sea (which I regretfully missed). It is presently the world’s largest free-to-the-public sculpture display, with 520,000 visitors every year.

The street art of Bondi, which you can often see in the making along Bondi Beach’s iconic boardwalk, has a totally distinct tone. 

You’ll also notice a strong presence of indigenous artworks, which you’ll adore for their abstract, vivid, and interpretive qualities. Wentworth Galleries and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia both have amazing collections of aboriginal art, but The Culture Trip also has a great selection of galleries where you may see aboriginal art. The Gallery of NSW, Sydney’s most important public gallery, includes a collection of Australian, European, and Asian modern art, and is not to be missed.

8. The relaxed attitude

One of the most crucial factors to consider before visiting a country is how relaxed it is. Going to a wonderful city where people are stuck up and negative never feels good, does it? In Sydney, everything is laid-back. Starting with the people and moving on to the city’s overall atmosphere. After all, why wouldn’t they want to be relaxed? They have the sun, the ocean, and the opportunity to surf. Surfing, of course. If you have a laid-back attitude and want to try something new, don’t miss out on the chance to surf, or at the very least see some of the city’s top surfers perform their magic.

You undoubtedly expected to see some of the sights on this list, such as the Sydney Opera House. Is this, however, the true cause behind Sydney’s popularity? Perhaps. The landmarks, on the other hand, are what tourists will see on their first day in Sydney, and they will not have a complete picture of the city. Try to get to know people better, go out and see as much as you can. If you do so, you will notice that this location is unlike any other on the globe.

Do you think we missed out on some reasons in this post? We like to hear below what you think about Sydney and what makes it a great city to visit!

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