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Top 5 anti-burglary tips for this summer

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The holiday season has arrived! Trips, stay in the mountains, in the countryside or at the beach, everyone will enjoy it. But unfortunately, it is also during this period that burglars return to service.

Today we have prepared a small list of essential anti-burglary points to help you prepare for your departure on vacation.

1.      Form good habits

It is a habit that seems obvious, but it is good to remember all the same: always close your doors and windows as soon as you leave your home (even for a short time ).

Indeed, the average time of burglary does not exceed 20 minutes. Therefore, you must carefully lock all your exits each time you leave and leave no opportunity for burglars.

Also remember not to hide your keys under the doormat, in flowerpots, high up on top of furniture, in shoes… These hiding places, however prominent, are too often used and allow burglars to enter without worries in the houses.

When you leave for an extended period, remember to remove the keys from the ignition of your vehicles that remain on site. Indeed, if a burglar manages to open your garage and the keys to your cars are directly in the ignition, he will have the easy task of taking them away. Hiding the keys will make it more difficult and waste his time. Remember that time is the burglar’s enemy.

Putting valuables in unlikely places is also a good thing. Forget the drawer of underwear for jewelry. It’s too classic. Instead, think of the pile of dirty laundry, in the furniture, in the indoor plants.

Be inventive but keep in mind that someone who breaks in will be able to turn your home upside down in a few minutes and that he will be looking for all your hiding places. So be smarter.

2.      Protect your exits

As you saw in burglary statistics, burglars most often go through the doors and windows of homes.

Therefore, it is logical that if you strengthen your exits, burglars will find it more difficult to cross them and will be discouraged more quickly.

There are many ways to secure your exits.

Securing sliding doors

Favorite exits for burglars, to enter homes in 50% of cases, bay windows are vulnerable parts of your home.

Simple sliding bay locks attached to the upright will prevent burglars from unhinging the door and thus entering your home. In addition, there are classic key- lock and even self-closing locks. Of course, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

Securing shutters

Most flaps are easily fractured using a crowbar. There are high-security shutter bars will freeze your shutter in the closed position, ultimately preventing the burglar from forcing it open.

For roller shutters, it’s the same fight. Breakable in a few seconds with a crowbar, locks for roller shutters will press the shutter to the ground. Thus, the burglar will not be able to slip his tools under the shutter and, therefore, not pull it out.

Secure your front door

You already know if you see this blog the choice of a good lock cylinder is an essential factor for the security of your home.

Indeed, in 56% of cases (in buildings and 10% in houses), the burglar will try to break into your home through the front door.

If you have a low-end lock cylinder, the burglar will manage to open it in less than a minute using a pick or a drill. If, on the contrary, you have a security cylinder, then the burglar will take several minutes trying to open your door.

The more secure the cylinder, the more time the burglar will take to pick it up, break it, drill it. However, the burglar needs to go very quickly, and a cylinder that will resist him for more than 5 or 10 minutes will cause him to flee in most cases.

Do not skimp on the quality of your lock!

3.      Anticipate absences

One of the best ways to protect yourself against burglaries is to get along with your neighbors!

Indeed, it can be decisive to notify your neighbors of your absence and ask them to come by your house to pick up your mail or simulate a presence.

An overflowing mailbox gives the information of an absence in a fairly obvious way, just like shutters closed in the middle of the day for several days.

Suggest that your neighbors drop by your house while you’re away, giving them your keys (and not leaving them under the doormat, remember). Your neighbor opening the shutters, turning on the light, or making noise will raise doubts about the owner’s presence in the burglar’s mind.

So you can do the same when your neighbors go on vacation in turn. This win-win process will undoubtedly keep potential burglars away!

You can also notify the gendarmerie of your absence so that they can patrol your area. It’s called the vacation tranquility device, and it’s completely free.

4.      Install an alarm

You should know that the presence of an alarm scares away 95% of potential burglars.

The simple fact of having signage can help to deter: surveillance panel, camera alert, visible exterior siren, etc.

The ideal is to have an anti-intrusion alarm system adapted to your home. Today there are many systems for individual homes and business premises.

The AJAX Alarm is a professional-level alarm that has been specially designed for home users to install themselves. Intuitive operation, quick and easy installation, this alarm has everything you need to protect your home at an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

If you are ever interested in AJAX alarms, you can go to our selection of ajax alarm packs.

5.      Use home automation

Home automation is a potent tool that can be used to limit energy consumption and protect your home against burglaries.

Many types of equipment exist to allow you to simulate a presence: light programmer, opening and closing of rolling shutters, automatic switching on of the television, etc.

A system like this can certainly represent an investment, but it will allow you to set up many deterrent systems.

Protecting your home against burglaries is a daily necessity.

As you will have understood, anticipating your departure on vacation and remaining vigilant throughout the year is essential to protect yourself against burglaries.

If you need a locksmith in Tampa call locksmith Tampa.


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