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Top 5 Apps to Spy On Whatsapp For Android Phones

Let’s take a look at on WhatsApp spy app for android phones. You can check your kids’ activities, measure employees’ performances, or ensure online safety. Like many other online apps, WhatsApp is also gaining popularity among people. Everyone likes to use it for connecting with others or communicating.

Now you are at that stage where you can find the most reliable great WhatsApp spying software after getting to know the best software for tracking the digital devices and catching their live social media activities.

What is the best WhatsApp monitoring app?

  • TheOneSpy
  • OgyMogy
  • XNspy app
  • The TruthSpy app
  • Hoverwatch

This entire app is easy to install and 100% spies on the targeted person’s online activities without knowing them.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp monitoring app

One of the most popular spy software for cell phone, known as the TheOneSpy app, is a user-friendly mobile spy app that enables you to track the devices of anyone. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to check your kids to find what they are doing.

With the TheOneSpy app, you can listen to live calls, record audio-video calls, and read chats. Even more, you can spy on the phone media gallery. It empowers you to track the targeted smartphones to check everything. It makes sure you know about your child all actions with a timestamp.

OgyMogy for WhatsApp spying

You have to choose the best monitoring app, OgyMogy. It makes sure you know about your loved ones while doing unnecessary activities on their devices. Users can check almost every movement of their targeted person. You can track your loved one while spending time on the social messenger app.

OgyMogy is great for spy social messenger apps and learning about everyone. You can check their WhatsApp messages, listen to calls and voice messages, spy on text messages, and share files, documents, contacts, status, etc. You can get access by installing the app into your targeted devices to track them.

XNspy app

XNspy comes on the list of mobile tracking software to track online actions secretly. No doubt a great app. with this app, you can automatically spy on your targeted person while using digital devices. It ultimately offers you to see every activity of your child and learn about them.

It provides a user-friendly installation process. You have to take the device and install XNspy into your targeted device. You cannot install the app without accessing the device and using spying software. Now you have many options to take the phone and install the app for remote monitoring.

The TruthSpy app

It is one famous and reliable monitoring app that gives you peace of mind. It ultimately allows you to track the targeted devices. You can follow the smartphones and come to know their all actions. You can learn about everything for the online protection of the targeted person.

Even it allows checking WhatsApp live performances for the concerning point. It helps you to deal with every online threat and find every online. The user quickly locates the most critical software to track the devices for logical consent. Parents and employees also spy on the most vital application for monitoring the targeted devices.

Hoverwatch app

It is one of the most sophisticated and easy to use. You can easily install it for secret monitoring. No one can track the devices without proper installation. So, the user has to get access to and find the authentic and reliable app. it makes sure you check every aspect of digital devices.

It has many monitoring features that make sure your targeted person’s activities. It enables you to spy on anyone’s WhatsApp and come to know their live conversations furthermore, check media sharing files, and many more. In simple words, you can get to know everything about your loved ones and secretly know about them.


There is a list of the best spy app for WhatsApp monitoring. After reading all this information, you can choose any of them according to your choice and demand. But you have to visit the official website of the targeted app for remote monitoring. It makes sure you are your targeted person is safe while using the monitoring apps.

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