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Top five tech FAQs for windows newbies.

Top Five Tech FAQs for windows newbies.

So! After hours of reading instructions, looking at schematics, and trying to figure out where the wires were.

And connectors and ports go, you have your brand new computer all set up.

And now that you’re up and running. The last thing you want to do is read more complicated instructions to learn how to maneuver Windows programs.

Well, don’t worry. The basics are very easy, and once you get the hang of a few simple steps. You’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ in no time! The following are the top five technical questions that most Windows newbies come up with for help and guidance on each.

Find and open the program:-

Every window-based OS works in the same pattern.

As soon as you turn on the computer,

you will see the Start button in the lower-left corner of the monitor screen (you will see the Windows icon to the left of the word start). Using the mouse,

left-click the Start button and a pop-up window will appear.

At the bottom of this popup on the left, you’ll see the word Programs.

Without clicking the mouse, scroll down to Programs and then left-click once.

This new window will display all the programs installed on your computer. Hover over any program you want to open and click the left mouse button once. This will start the program for you!

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Close, minimize, or maximize the window:-

Closing a window is probably the easiest thing the easy way you’ll ever do. Once you start the program and a window opens.

look in the upper right corner of the program window and you will see a red box with a white x inside. Left click on the red box and your program will close.

If you have a file open in the window that you haven’t saved yet, the program will prompt you and ask if you want to save the file or not.

You will also see two more boxes to the left of this small red box; one will have an empty square inside and the other will contain a dash at the bottom.

These are your maximize and minimize options. The minimize button allows you to keep a program open but out of the way. This is especially useful if you have more than one program open at the same time.

Just left-click the dash button once and your program will be minimized to the bottom of the monitor screen. To restore the program back to view.

click on the window at the bottom of the screen that contains the name of the file you were working on.

To increase the viewing area, you may want to maximize the window. Click the button directly to the left of the close button to maximize the program window to the full-screen size of your monitor.

Click again to restore to the original size.

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Saving files to your PC:-

Let’s say you’ve created a document in Word. There are two ways to save a file, and these techniques are also the same basic methods used for almost every program ever created.

1. There is a small icon (image) of a floppy disk on the toolbar at the top of each document window. Left click on this diskette to automatically save the documents.

This is a good way to go if you’ve already saved your file to the desired folder on your computer and you also want to save it as you go so you don’t lose any content if the program freezes or your system crashes.

2. At the top of each document, the window is a toolbar with the word File at the left end. Left click on File and the options are visible on screen. Hover your mouse down to Save and left-click once.

A new window called Save As will open. At the bottom of the Save As window, there will be a white box with the words File Name on the left. Enter a document name. Click the Save button to the right of this title window, and you’re done.

NOTE: If you want to save your files to the Documents folder included with every Windows system, click the Documents icon on the left side of the Save As window before entering a file name.

Feel free to click on the toolbar buttons or drop-down menus to learn about each of their uses (but make sure to save the file first).

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