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Triund Trek Best Weekend Destination

Triund trek is the best trek you can do at weekends if you live in Delhi or Chandigarh or anywhere nearby triund trek is your go-to trek as it is the closest trek from Dharamshala and Dharamshala is well connected to big cities from many ways like roadways and airways. you can just visit Dharamshala on Friday evening and the next day you can enjoy the trekking experience in the Himalayas thought the triund trek is one of the easiest treks in the Himalayas but will give you the view of the best treks you’ve ever done and all this in just matter of 48 hours in your weekends. 

                                                                  This trek will give you a lot of memories, the trek is short and easy but sometimes it is stip which makes it a little challenging this steep climb with the oak trees and forest near you will make you feel relived from your daily routine but there are drawbacks as the trek is easy and give the best returns there are a lot of people and crowd during the weekend it is  little tough to enjoy the weekend with nature due to crowd.

Trek Offers You

Triund trek offers you some of the best views you can ever get just for a little climb, you will not have to keep to a valley or to trek high mountain in this trek to enjoy the view, you will get to see:

Oak and pine forest of Himachal Pradesh where the trek starts after some time, green mountains and flowers of different colours all this will make your trek unforgettable.  

Mountains like moon peak, rifle horn, Artur’s seat and mighty Dhauladhar mountain range just after you start the trek.

Sunset and Sunrise from the top is unimaginable with the flaming colours covering the sky

Trek Route Information

You start your trek from Dharm kot as well as Maclodganj These two towns are your base you can either Dharamkot or Maclodganj and two other villages close by the trek are Bhagsu and Gallu. The Dharam Kot route is the best one as it goes through the deep pine forest. 

Important Tip For Triund Trek 

1- start your trek early as possible.

2-get to the water tank near the government school from there is a route covered with forest.

3-their is an option to get a cab for Gallu Devi temple from where the trek is easy. 

4-you will get railing in some tough part to ease your journey.

5-there are plenty of places to camp.

6-their is a lack of water you will get water 1 km before around make sure to fill plenty of water.

7-you can stay at the forest rest house at the Triund overnight.

8- the price of a rest house is affordable 600 to 800 per room.

9- Wake up early to catch the sunrise incredible view.

Best time to visit

You can visit this trek all year round you will get the different views in different seasons in summer you will see greenery in winter u will enjoy the snow during monsoon you will witness the fogginess and forest more green than ever.   

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