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What are the 1 and 1 Webmail? What does it offer?


Are you trying to set up your 1 and1 webmail account in another application and require IMAP settings? Check out the following information regarding 1and1 IMAP Settings for Outlook, Android, iPhone and many other Email Applications You are able to copy the below 1and1 IMAP Server Settings and input the 1and1 webmail credentials within the preferred Email application.

Email is a crucial element for virtually any hosting service on the internet and business doesn’t have to be a part of this. IONOS is a 1 and 1 is a web hosting service that allows you to create electronic mail storage but you aren’t sure know”just how to set up electronic mail with 1 and 1 webmail login “. They’ve many servers located across the globe to support their clients and also offer great selection of solutions, including shared web hosting dedicated servers, dedicated servers, cloud hosting hosting services, as well as electronic email addresses and certificated SSL as part of their professional services.

What are the 1 1 Ionos Webmail? What does it offer?

One and one webmail is one the top web hosting service providers that has millions of clients all around the world. The company was founded in 2003 and began providing web hosting services to Germany as well as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and different countries.

1 & 1 provides web hosting services and 1 and 1’s webmail service such as registration for a domain, SSL certificates, packages of webmail builders, dedicated service, virtual private service, as well as cloud hosting. If you are familiar with the fundamental functions and the signup process, let’s move on to the registration process and login procedure in 1 and 1 Ionos.

How do I log in to 1 and 1’s Webmail?

  1. Start by opening your web browser This is the Google Chrome Browser to sign in with one and only webmail.
  2. Then, visit the official website of 1and1. Enter 1and1.com in the address bar, and then click the Enter button to load the page.
    The URL mentioned above will redirect you to its new official website, “https://www.ionos.com/.”
  3. When the homepage is displayed When the homepage is open, click the Sign-in button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. It’s just over the menu bar of your homepage.
  4. The 1 and 1. IONOS log-in page is going to be displayed at the top of your display.
    You will not utilize this login form to complete the login.
  5. Then you’ll need to scroll down and then, under More 1 and 1 IONOS Logins, hit the Webmail button.
  6. The login page will appear. https://mail.ionos.com/
  7. Complete your 1and1 login page with your username/email address as well as your password.
  8. If you’d like to stay active on your 1and1 webmailaccount, you can check the box that says “Remember me.”
  9. Then, click the green Login button to login to your 1&1 webmail.

How do I reset my password on 1 and 1 Webmail Login?

  1. Start your browser, and then navigate to the official 1&1 website. 1and1.com / https://www.ionos.com/.
  2. Click on the Sign-in button located in the upper right side of your homepage. This will open up https://login.ionos.com/
  3. Enter your email address, domain or Customer ID in the field that is related to it.
  4. Then, just over the Password field, click on the “Forget You Password?” link. This will redirect you to https://password.ionos.com/
  5. Enter your customer’s name or domain and the email address you used to complete 1and1 login to your email.
  6. Click on then the Request New Password button to ask 1&1 to mail you a link via the email you have provided to reset your 1&1 login password to your webmail.
  7. Follow the link sent to you by 1&1.
  8. Then, select your new password and reset your password.
    Pro tip: Don’t make your old password the new one. Make your password at minimum 12 characters. Make use of a mixture of lower and upper cases, special characters and numbers for your password.
  9. Now you must verify that you have changed your password. Do this by writing the password into the confirmation the password field.
  10. Click on “Reset Password” to confirm. Reset Password link to reset or change your 1and1 webmail password.

Setting SMTP for Outgoing Email: Outgoing Email for 1 and 1. Webmail

  • Type of account: SMTP
  • Username: the 1 and 1 email username (example: username@yourbusinessdomainname.com)
  • Passwords: 1 and 1 email account’s password.
  • Hostname of the server: smtp.1and1.com
  • Server Port 587
  • required authentication: Yes, the 1and1 email ID and password.
  • SSL/TLS Yes

Choose one of the top 1and1 Mail Backup solutions without advanced email settings

Are you a non-technical person looking to backup your 1&1 mail in simple steps? Use our highly-professional utility software 1&1. Email backup tool that lets users instantly move email from 1&1Mail into Gmail, Office 365, or Outlook, Outlook.com, Rediff mail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, pnb knowledge centre, Lotus Notes, Windows Live Mail and Exchange Server and more. Moreover, this program also allows you to save your 1and1 email to a variety of formats, including EML, DOC, HTML pdf, RTF and more without losing any data, and try the most effective tool to export Your 1and1 Emails without any configurations or complicated Email settings.


The video below, we’ve described how you can back up your 1and1 emails, and in the most important way, with no 1and1 IMAP Server settings setup, since the majority of users aren’t technical or IT professionals searching for the best way to backup their 1and1 email If you’re one of those, we suggest you try the 1and1 Backup of Mail software to find the best solution. You can also play around with the demo version the tool as it will back up 25 emails for each folder.

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