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What Are The Types Of Fence?

A fence may transform your yard in a variety of ways. It will not only give your house a whole new look, but it will also increase the privacy of your home. Perhaps you’re considering building a fence to your yard and want to narrow down your options.

Types Of Fence

Maybe you’re wondering about different forms of fence. Different material like wood, aluminum, komposit material are now available in the market.

Composite fence 


The majority of fences are now composed of hard or soft woods, but this is expected to alter in the future years. Composite wood is a relatively new construction material with a wide range of appealing characteristics. komposit staket is made out of recycled plastic and actual wood, making it a very environmentally responsible solution. The wood gives it a lovely realistic look, but the plastic allows it to survive considerably longer. It is resistant to totally organic materials and maintains great resilience against the weather.

Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is a low-cost fencing option that will last for many years. The major purpose of this sort of fence is to create physical barriers. that prevent intruders from entering and dogs and children from exiting school playgrounds. The material is long-lasting, inexpensive, and low-maintenance. Chain links, on the other hand, corrode easily and provide no seclusion for your property. To provide a little more seclusion, plant fast-growing vines, shrubs, and flowers along the chain link fence’s base.

Electric fencing

A fence contractor’s installation of electric fencing is commonly utilized to prevent human and animal invaders at a reasonable cost. A receiver, transmitters, and many cables stretched between upright wooden posts make up the electric fence’s basic configuration. When a wire is breached, electric fences emit a high-intensity voltage pulse, providing maximum security at a lesser cost. Such barriers will no longer be permitted in metropolitan areas or near highways or roadways.

Stone fencing

Stone and brick walls are attractive and give homeowners good seclusion. Furthermore, these fences are solid and durable, providing security to your home. The substantial effort required during the building of the stone fence, however, may raise the price.


In the United States, picket wood fence is a popular and economical fencing option for providing privacy and security to your home. The vertically spaced out picket attached to the bottom and top horizontal rails comes in a variety of decorative styles to increase your home’s curb appeal and value.


Pallets may be simply installed as a fence horizontally or vertically between vertical posts by a fencing contractor. Because pallets may be obtained for free from nurseries, building sites, and businesses, make sure they bear the International Plant Protection Convention emblem. To prevent the spread of plant diseases and vermin, the organization fumigates and heat-treats the pallet.

Barbed wire

Barbed wire fence is an economical and secure way to keep cattle in your yard and keep wild creatures like foxes and jackals out.

Lattice top

A lattice top fence is a wood fence with metal criss crossing above it to enable sunlight to get through. It also allows for a glimpse of the outside world while keeping intruders from entering. Furthermore, climbing bushes such as vines may be supported by the lattice, making your home more beautiful. In comparison to typical fences, the thinner slats at the top of the fence lower the quantity of wood panel necessary, making lattice a less expensive fencing alternative.

Nature fence

Hedges have been used as fences to defend dwellings from attackers and soil erosion since the sixteenth century. Planting shrubs necessitates study into native plants and selection of the best species that will produce appropriate fences when grown. It would be really advantageous to visit a local nursery for information on the best plants to use as a natural fence. Choose plants that develop quickly and require little upkeep, and plant during the wet season to save money on the procedure.

Although it takes years for a mature yew hedge to defend your property, it has a beautiful visual appeal that works well in both sunny and overcast climes. Alternatively, you may plant spotted laurel around the stonewall to provide beauty and privacy from neighbors and burglars. The sturdy bushy green shrub can withstand salt-laden winds and air pollution. You may choose from a range of private species to develop a fence that will reach a height of five to ten feet.

Bamboo fence

It will make your property appear more ecologically friendly while also increasing its appeal. Bamboo cane and rolled bamboo fences are made out of interconnected poles that are stronger than live bamboo. Homeowners who live in places with cooler temperatures should not plant bamboos


Have you decided to add a fence in your yard or garden? This article will help you to clear your vision and out of so many fence you will be able to decide which fence is suitable for you,

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