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What Checklist to Follow for Ensuring Regular Servicing of Underfloor Heating System?

When winter sets in, we all start checking our underfloor heating system for its effective functioning and all. For efficient performance of your underfloor heating, you need to know that it must be checked for any faults and should be serviced timely.

Do You Need to Maintain and Service Your Underfloor Heating System?

While it is a common notion that underfloor heating is mostly maintenance-free, servicing it on a regular basis is still important so as to ensure that it is running smoothly constantly.

This helps to note any sign of failure in the heating system and allows taking steps that can improve the efficiency of the system.

What Does Regular Servicing Helps to Identify and Rectify?

When you are not paying attention to the underfloor heating servicing, there are issues that can develop and could cause the heat output to reduce and falter. These include:

  • Pump malfunctioning
  • Wiring problems
  • System blockages
  • Trapped air
  • Unbalanced flow rates
  • Inadequate heating of the zones

All this could lead to inconsistent heating, and increased heating bill, and more.

Underfloor Heating System Checklist

  • System Pressure

Check the pressure gauge, situated on the manifold’s flow bar. If it is not at the normal level of 1-2 bar, then you should go for repair and maintenance.

  • Water Color Check

While normal discoloration is a normal thing, if the glasses become too dirty or brown then you need to have system flushing applied.

  • Excess Air Check

If there is any excess air trapped in the system, then it needs to be removed through the manifold’s top bar situated air vent. For systems with automatic air vent, you won’t have to go through this step.

  • Check for Independent Boiler Firing

You have to ensure that there is no demand on the boiler, and that it is freely firing the boiler. After checking for and ensuring this, now activate one zone of the heating system that can be done by turning up the thermostat. This allows for activation of boiler, pump, underfloor heating actuator heads, and the zone value (if there is any fitted in the system).

  • Check the Above Step for Each Individual Underfloor Heating Loop

The above step must be processed for each loop of the underfloor heating which ensures that every thermostat is effectively sending out the right signal when activated for heating. Testing each of the underfloor heating zone individually becomes important so as to ensure the performance of each specifics.

  • Check for Programming

For thermostats that are digital or programmable, you have to ensure that the programming is at the level that matches your required preference while also ensuring heating pattern at the efficient level.

  • Check for Any Other Issues

Apart from the above mentioned ones, if there are other issues or problems related with the heating system then these have to be checked for. If you find any, it is better to call for maintenance or service support right away.

Why Underfloor Heating System Servicing Becomes Highly Important?

There are several benefits to getting your underfloor heating system serviced on a regular basis. This not only allows you to check for rectify small faults before they big, but also helps to ensure that your hearing system is running effectively and efficiently.

Regular services enhances the heating system’s performance, reduces risk of the system breaking down, and keeps the system in a great shape that provides energy-efficient and consistent heating to each room and space.

Servicing of your underfloor heating becomes extremely important when you have left your system off for months and years, which could have led to build-up of debris that affects the functioning of the components like flow meters and valves. Cleaning and servicing of underfloor heating system mitigates this risk factor.

Your underfloor heating must be serviced about a year after it is installed (a quick service is enough), and at an annual period after that, which will keep the system working in proper and good order, reducing chances of damage and faults.

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