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What Factors Do You Need To Consider When Selecting An e-commerce Platform

When selecting an e-commerce platform, what features should you look for? Despite the fact that there is an almost limitless number of e-commerce platforms to choose from, there are ways to minimize the playing field for yourself. The following are the nine most important characteristics to look for when purchasing an e-commerce product:

1. Easy to set up store

Look for a platform that is simple to set up and quick to create. If you want to be able to completely capture the appearance and feel of your individual brand, then have a look at the many templates supplied by each platform.

Templates are ideal since they eliminate the need for you to hire outside help (which may be expensive!) and eliminate the necessity for you to be a design whiz in order to create a polished look and make a strong statement.

2. Easy to use with no danger of being harmed.

Have you ever encountered a website that was difficult to navigate? The checkout process is complex, and the layout is disorganised, making it difficult to purchase the item you want to buy.

Today’s online shoppers expect a seamless, quick, and painless shopping experience. They have a strong want to spend money, but they do not want to go through the bother of making their shopping trip uncomfortable.

When it comes to payment processing, make certain that the ecommerce site you’re considering offers top-tier security. Look for a platform that supports HTTPS / SSL in order to offer a stable and reliable checkout experience.

Getting so many options might sometimes seem like an enormous source of confusion. 3. Seamless integrations: However, having a plethora of options to select from when it comes to integration for ecommerce platforms can be a welcome addition, especially if your firm is wanting to expand.

Look for a platform that can communicate with other marketing channels as well as other well-established platforms. Is it possible to integrate Facebook with it? The distribution and marketing programme for the Ecommerce CRM is up and running properly. Is Instagram a real thing? Is it possible to find plugins and extensions that are useful?

4. Search engine optimization-friendly.

Customers should be able to identify your firm quickly when they are searching for a specific good or service, such as what your store is selling. Make sure your online business appears high in search results, especially if you’re starting out as a new ecommerce shop or have a limited budget.

Find an ecommerce platform that is SEO-friendly – one that allows you to utilise your own domain name, add a blog of your own, and collect consumer reviews — all of which will assist you in bringing buyers into your business naturally.

5. Mobile-friendly.

When it comes to how customers engage with the e-commerce business, one pattern stands out clearly: mobile shopping has become the norm. According to Statista.com, global smartphone shopping sales are predicted to reach $3.56 billion by 2021, representing an increase of $2.2 billion from 2017.

In addition, smartphones accounted for a record 65 percent of retail site visits in the first quarter of 2019, according to the data of the first quarter of devices used when shopping in 2019.

In your search for an ecommerce platform, make certain that it allows customers to visit the website quickly. The more straightforward it is for a customer to engage with your firm, the more straightforward it would be to close a deal.

6. Analytics.

It is essential to track the progress of your online store through the use of analytics software. Make sure you choose an ecommerce platform that will allow you to keep track of all of the crucial things — such as the number of transactions and payment kinds received as well as the quantities of orders placed — and display the information in an easy-to-understand way. As the owner of an e-commerce business, the last thing you want to do is to get involved in a game of numbers guessing.

7. Technical support.

It is probable that an ecommerce owner will not be familiar with all of the technical phrases. Consider looking for an ecommerce platform that has a strong customer service team if you are one of these individuals or businesses.

The majority of your internet store will be digital, and if you’re new to the scene, locating real live people who can answer your queries will be quite beneficial.

If your online customers cannot easily pay for a product or service, how can you expect to make a profit from your business?

PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, and Stripe are just a few examples of payment gateways that are commonly used by e-commerce firms. When searching for an e-commerce website, be sure to consider the various payment methods that you are willing to accept.

8. Scalability

Will your eCommerce platform be able to expand in tandem with your company as it grows? The eCommerce platform serves as the nerve centre of your organisation. A platform that is difficult to scale will impede the expansion of your company.

The cost structure varies from platform to platform. Some charge a basic monthly fee, while others charge a predetermined price per transaction. Some e-commerce businesses still require additional software maintenance expenses.

9. Pricing

Do your study before committing to a plan, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and stick to your budget so that you have the financial flexibility to expand.

When they take all of the points described above into consideration, Okommerce should be the best option for you when it comes to selecting an eCommerce platform. ecommerceplatform.io is an Enterprise Ecommerce Platform that is highly scalable, simple to set up, provides limitless possibilities through API integrations and has a robust admin panel. It is also reasonably priced and suitable for any size business. It simply checks all of the boxes. But, perhaps most crucially,they built  Okommerce for the long haul. It will react to any changes that occur in the market or with devices, and it will be flexible.

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