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What Is The Building Site Hoarding Composed Of?

Hoarding for construction sites can be utilise for construction sites outdoors such as condominiums and office buildings that are being build along the streets, as well as indoor construction sites like the new retail stores within shopping malls.

For a long time the construction hoarding for outdoor use was made from plywood while indoor hoarding was comprised of drywall. However recently there is a trend towards recyclable panels from recycle PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for both uses.

What Are The Benefits Of Reusable Construction Hoarding?

There are many benefits such as:

Hoardings That Are Reused Are Greener

It is possible to use it on multiple occasions, in contrast to plywood and hoarding for drywall that can be utilise only once. The disposal of drywall and plywood hoarding is not a good idea and can be expensive, and both are dispose of in a landfill.

Hoarding that is reusable, such as the panels, with appropriate maintenance, can last for 10 to 15 years and, when it reaches an end point in its lifespan it can be reuse.

Graffiti Wipes Off Hoardings That Are Reusable

With PVC recycled building site hoarding you have the option of purchasing a film that makes removing graffiti an easy task. Removal of graffiti from plywood hoarding may be difficult or even impossible and often the damage sheet has to be remove and replace.

Reusable Hoarding Is More Efficient And Less Difficult To Install

Additionally, it is simpler to deploy and more robust. Reusable hoarding, like the panels snap together in a flash. This makes them quicker and more convenient to put up than plywood and drywall printed hoardings. This saves time and money.

Reusable Hoarding Is Safer And Safer To Work With

There aren’t any Sharp edges, or sharp splinters to worry about when using reused hoarding, which means there is less risk of injury and reduced downtime?

You Can Use More Space To Advertise With The Reused Hoardings

The most common size for drywall hoarding and plywood is 4×8 feet, which could limit possibilities for marketing. While plywood is available in larger sheets, they can be heavy and can be difficult to manoeuvre for one person.

Reusable hoarding panels, for instance the ones show here are 16.5 feet high and can be shorter or taller according to the requirements of the project. Hoarding can also be use to create 3D advertising, which is very effective.

Reusable Panels Can Mitigate Noise

The noise from construction sites could cause complaints from neighbours and tenants. Plywood hoardings have no noise reduction capability, however, it is reusable.

PVC panels like the panels can be outfiting with sound-dampening elements that can down on sound by as much as 16.5Db. This is especially useful in the construction of hospitals and other settings that are sensitive to noise.

Dust-Free Installation

Drywall is construct from Gypsum, which is notoriously difficult to use. The dust that it produces floats in the air before landing on the surfaces. This is particularly problematic in areas such as hospitals and food preparation facilities. Hoarding that is reuse is a cleaner, dust-free alternative.

What Happens To Reusable Site Hoarding Panels At The End Of Construction Project?

If you decide to invest in the reusable hoarding panels for your site, you’ll need to ensure that you take care of them. The panels, if take care of with treatment, can last for as long as ten years.

The careful handling of the material after the construction project is finish can help reduce debris and helps ensure the reuse of as much material as is feasible. What do you do with the site hoarding panel that is reusable after the construction phase?

Here’s the perfect sequence of events that will help you get the most benefit from your hoarding panels that you can reuse:

  • Panels are removed, and then carefully examined for any presence of damage.
  • Custom sizes are sortable and grouped
  • Any damaged pieces will be sent back to be reused
  • Graphics/advertisements are removed
  • Panels are cleaned and cleaned and disinfected
  • Panels are securely stored ready to be used for your next project

In this closed-loop method by reusing or recycled, you’ll be able to reduce the need for waste and use your hoarding for a long time to come.

What Is The Difference Between Reusable And Ply Hoarding?

In the case of construction hoarding, you have the option of using a variety of materials, or plywood/ply hoarding or reusable hoarding. However, what is the difference between plywood hoarding and reusable hoarding?

We Will Outline The Information You Should Be Aware Of


Hoarding made of ply requires many hours of expensive labour and high-cost materials. The hoarding panels can be much easier to put up because they snap together.

On average, one individual is able to install about 200 square feet panels in an hour, which is much quicker and less labour-intensive than installing plywood hoarding. Also, fixing the panels following an accident will not be so expensive as repairing plywood hoarding.

Another aspect that can affect price is the massive fluctuation in the prices of lumber in recent years, mostly due to the epidemic. With the hoarding that is reusable it is easier to feel assure that your budget will be ke to.

Sound Dampening Option

Every type of construction could affect the surrounding area, and noise is an extremely irritating issue for residents. Traditional hoarding made of plywood lacks properties to dampen sound, and could lead to complaints.

The hoarding be fitting with soundproofing panels that can reduce noise from an area of construction in the range of 16.5 Db. This can aid in maintaining good relationships with the local community, and improve the image of your company.

Anti-Graffiti Film Options

Hoardings in construction are a major location for graffiti. The removal of graffiti from hoardings of plywood is typically a long and expensive procedure. With the addition of the Anti-Graffiti film graffiti can be quickly clean up with nothing other than a squeegee or water!

Triple Advertising Space Advertising Space

Construction hoarding is a great base for advertising, but by putting up plywood, your creativity is limit to 8 feet high. The panels can reach 16.5 feet and can be customise to accommodate different sizes and also to allow 3D advertising for greater impact.

Multiple Use

Traditional ply construction site hoarding may be utilised only once before ending up in a garbage dump. It is expensive to dispose of and long-lasting. Panels can be reuse in multiple locations before getting recycle. This is greener for the planet.

Hoarding Types In Construction

Mesh Construction Hoarding For Temporary Fences

If you’re planning to use an interim chain link fence for construction sites, you’ll require a way to keep debris and dirt out of the site.

Attaching mesh hoardings to your fence offers couple of advantages:

  • It is a kind of hoarding for construction that is light and lets air be able to pass through, making it ideal for areas that are windy.
  • The fabric’s printing allows you to promote a new project on-site
  • Restricted access to dust and debris from the site while preserving the privacy

Dibond Construction Hoarding To Plywood Fences

Plywood is among the most popular methods use to construct hoarding for construction sites. By using posts and barriers made of jersey the plywood is to completely seal off the construction site.

The advantages of this type of construction hoarding include:

  • A secure and solid solution for construction sites.
  • It is possible to mount them by using barriers made of jersey or permanent posts that are in-ground
  • Clean and sleek design with maximum privacy on your construction site

Once you’ve learned the distinction between plywood hoarding and reusable hoarding it’s clear the benefits to opt for hoarding signage instead of plywood. If you’re concerned about noise reduction, graffiti and creative constraints, cost or even reducing your environmental footprint

James Hannay

James Hannay, marketing manager at Hoarding Printing Company in London, is well-known in the business and marketing communities for his diverse business and marketing abilities. A brand strategist, he is an expert in user engagement who is open to new challenges that provide value to the organisation. He regularly contributes to the most prominent blogging platforms, which enables him to share his decades of experience with a larger audience.

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