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What is the Metaverse, and Will it Replace Current Virtual Reality Technologies?


Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies have been around for nearly a decade, but they’ve only recently taken off in a big way. The Metaverse is a concept we’ve heard a lot about recently, but what is the Metaverse, and what technologies will it replace? This blog will go over the Metaverse and look at the different technologies that make up the Metaverse. The blog will also look at the pros and cons of each of the technologies.

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The Metaverse Explained

In the OASIS, which is a virtual reality system in the novel, the Metaverse is a shared, collective virtual space. It has a three-dimensional, graphical user interface and grows as more information is added to it. People can view the Metaverse from any device in any location with an Internet connection, including smartphones and virtual reality terminals. The Metaverse is also a powerful communications medium that can be used to transmit large amounts of data, such as video, text, audio, and images. The Metaverse is the “world” of the OASIS, and the OASIS is the “reality” of the Metaverse. It is a Web of information that exists in a shared virtual space.

Can you visit the Metaverse Today?

At this moment you cannot visit the Metaverse. But there have been several projects that have tried to replicate the virtual world experience on a computer screen. The first major attempt at this was by a company called SnowCrash, which created 3D virtual worlds that users could interact with within their web browser. 

The Value of Indirect Control in Virtual Reality

In a virtual world, whether online or offline, many challenges have to be overcome before a person can live there. The main challenges are related to the control issues. The person controlling the virtual world has to find a way to give indirect control to the person living in the virtual world. The person giving indirect control has to make sure that the person living in the virtual world has the same experience as a person living in the real world. This might seem to be difficult, but it is not impossible. 

Why is Direct Control So Important in Virtual Reality Games?

Direct control is important in VR games because it’s the direct mapping of your body movements to the avatar you’re currently playing.  This is the closest thing to the ality you can have in a virtual game.  For example, if your body can move, you can use it to move your avatar in the virtual world.  It is a very powerful force.  If you need a good example, watch a movie called Avatar.  Virtual reality gaming is the future of gaming.  What’s your favorite historical game?  Imagine if it was virtual reality.  It would be amazing!  I’ll leave you with a quote by Steve Jobs  “If you see a stylus, they blew it.”

Why You Should Pay Attention to The Metaverse Now

The most exciting trends in tech in my opinion are the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality trends. Yes, I know the world has seen these trends several times before and failed, but this time they are going to succeed. Recently, Facebook bought Oculus VR, a startup company that makes cutting-edge VR products. Facebook is betting big on its potential. Marc Andreessen says that AR/VR is “the most exciting technology development in my lifetime.” And he is 35.


 Metaverse is the next generation of virtual reality. People will be able to experience something similar to what ‘The Matrix’ portrays. Metaverse will be a virtual place where we can interact with other people and do business, purchase items, etc.

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