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When will you go outside in the sunlight after transplanting new hair?

Hair transplantation is an ideal choice when you are fed up with stopping hair fall, breakage, thinning, and damage after trying all the non-surgical ways. Hair transplant techniques are the modern inventions that confer people’s best results if they follow all the instructions of their surgeon and follow post-hair transplant hair care. Pay your attention towards the Hair transplant in Ludhiana if troubled with hair loss and baldness.

Furthermore, the well-qualified hair experts at the hair clinic in Punjab state that people’s lives revolve around the sun in routine. Consequently, sun exposure is inevitable. For example, they might travel from one city to another or work outside but should take care during these times. After having the hair transplant surgery, sunbathing must be avoided to stay away from detrimental effects on your hair. Exposure to the sun can interrupt your healing after the hair transplant surgery. Thus, do not go outside until your wounds do not heal properly.

Why ought I avoid the sun after a hair transplant?

After implantation of the new hair, your transplanted hair follicles need to strengthen their roots in the base to get the required potion to stimulate its growth. Thus, going outside in the heavy sunlight will cause perspiration that may interrupt your healing process. Due to the sweat, you may attain itching, irritation, and swelling in your wounds that also damage your newly transplanted hair follicles and skin. Eventually, the surgery fails, and you may seek an additional procedure.

How does sun exposure damage your skin?

During the hair transplant operation, a doctor forms some incisions into your scalp to transplant new hairs which are sensitive to light. The sun produces UV (ultraviolet rays) that have a terrible impact on your incisions and disturb your healing process, which may result in excessive scarring. The skin is made of chromatophores cells responsible for skin pigmentation. These cells start turning your skin darken during sun exposure and try to protect it from the sun. However, these cells may die during the hair transplantation or go dormant and acquire numerous months to rebuild into the newly transplanted hair grafts. Consequently, there is more risk to your transplant scalp from sun exposure.

How long do I have to avoid going outside in the sun?

Well, you must take care of your newly transplanted scalp until your wounds do not heal properly. Generally, many hair experts advise staying away from sunlight for approximately four months. Additionally, your degree of care decides when you will go out in the sunlight a few days after having the hair transplant surgery. It recommends avoiding sun lightening for at least two or more weeks. When you feel your wounds are going to heal, you can go outside by wearing a hat or by covering your head with a suitable cloth.

Additionally, do not apply any hair gel or styling items until your wounds do not fully heal. Try to follow your hair surgeon’s instructions and go for regular checks as your surgeon suggests.

Treat your falling or messy hairs under the administration of experienced hair transplant surgeons and effective hair loss treatment at the Profile hair transplant Centre.

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