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Where to Find Best Automatic Self Cleaning Public Toilet in Saudi Arabia

Automatic Self Cleaning Public Toilet

There are many benefits to installing an automatic self-cleaning public toilet, including the fact that it will save time and money by eliminating the need for workers to clean it. But what exactly is an automatic self-cleaning toilet? How will it help the environment? Read on to learn more about the technology behind these new toilets. This type of toilet uses electronic sensors to regulate consumption. Many European countries already use them, and you can also learn about them in Saudi Arabia.

Hitech eSmart toilet cleaning in Saudi Arabia

HITECH is a Saudi company that is the exclusive partner of Toilitech, an Italian manufacturer of automatic toilets. The company offers a wide range of products from automatic toilets to particular boards. If you’re looking for a new automatic toilet but don’t know which one to buy, you’ve come to the right place. Hitech eSmart product Panasonic bidet has a built-in deodorizer and nightlight and uses electrolyzed water technology to clean the bowl and brush. The Panasonic bidet costs less than $200 and has a one-year warranty. Read on to discover the benefits of this automatic toilet cleaner.

An affordable alternative to an automatic self-cleaning public toilet is Lysol, a liquid toilet bowl cleaner. This product hangs over the bowl, allowing you to remove it to clean the bowl yourself. The fluid lasts up to three months and is gentle enough to avoid the water turning blue. It also helps kill bacteria and prevent new stains from forming. It is highly effective at removing stains and odors and disinfecting the entire toilet with each flush.

Another inexpensive automatic toilet cleaner is Lysol. This liquid toilet cleaner uses hydrogen peroxide, a relatively safe chemical in small doses. It disinfects toilets and kills 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses that live on porcelain. Lysol is available in a four-pack of 24-ounce bottles. Lysol is safe for use in hard water and septic systems. One downside of Lysol is its pungent smell. However, this smell may not bother you.

Advantages of automatic public toilet self-cleaning

If you have an older, rusted toilet bowl, you may wonder if an automatic toilet cleaner can help. Iron OUT is a rust stain remover that works by dropping the formulated tablets into the tank. The tablets contain a powerful formula that removes rust without scrubbing or chemicals. They are phosphate-free and safe for both septic systems and plumbing systems.

automatic self-cleaning public toilet

The Iron OUT automatic self-cleaning public toilet comes with two cartridges that you replace after the initial cleaning. It is made of bio-action technology to prevent clogging and bacteria growth. Hard water, dirty pipes, or a slow water drip under the toilet bowl ring are common causes of rust-colored stains. You can also remove stains with a pumice stone. To prevent stains on your toilet bowl, replace the cartridge every three months.

These include Smart Poles, Smart Bench, Automatic Public Toilets, and Anti-Drone Solutions. HITECH employs more than 200 experts with successful track records in intelligent solutions, the defense sector, and the innovative city sector. The company’s expertise lies in developing niche solutions for various applications, from security to tourism to education.

Digital infrastructure of self-cleaning public toilet

Hitech eSmart automatic self-cleaning public toilet has been introduced in the metro rail in Saudi Arabia through its vendors, a local company with international expertise. Their products include smart benches, public toilet cleaning machines, automatic public toilets, and poles. HITECH is a global innovator of digital infrastructure solutions with over 200 seasoned professionals with track records in the telecom and defense industries. HITECH has developed a wide range of innovative and customized solutions from public restrooms to airports.

The first TOILITECH automatic toilet self-cleaning was installed in a Saudi Arabian airport in 2013. The brand is manufactured by PTMatic, a French company specializing in self-cleaning toilets. Since the COVID-19 outbreak broke out, the massive slowdown has affected the supply chain. Hitech eSmart is one of the largest manufacturers of self-cleaning toilets.

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