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Why hashrate drops in mining

Representatives of the crypto community use different terms that newcomers have not heard of. Among these words is hash rate, or hash rate. In mining, this is the name of the performance of the equipment, namely the volume of calculations per second. SLP to PHP Owners of farms for mining digital coins may experience a decrease in this indicator. First, you need to find out why the hash rate in mining falls over time. This situation negatively affects the income from mining coins

Factors affecting the hash rate

The computing power depends not only on the performance of the equipment used by the miners. To keep the income from cryptocurrency mining at a high level, it is necessary to check the operation of the system.

Quantity and performance of equipment

First of all, you need to check the computing system for mining. The most popular cryptocurrency mining equipment is video cards, or GPUs.

Miners connect them into farms, which usually consist of 4-8 devices. Sometimes even 12 cards are used.

The performance of a video card when mining cryptocurrencies depends on other parameters:

  • Operating frequency. The basis of each board is chips (they are also crystals or cores) that operate at a given frequency. The higher it is, the faster everyone copes with the execution of commands.
  • Number of Cores. Their number also affects the power of the GPU.
  • Timings. The execution time of each command by the board depends on them. Basic settings sometimes reduce the power of the card in mining. On the network, you can find timings for a specific cryptocurrency. Their use removes the pause between the execution and receipt of a new command.

System power is also affected by software settings, power stability, farm quality, and internet speed.

Entering the market with more advanced equipment

Now miners are buying GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD. With the release of each new generation of video cards, manufacturers upgrade the chips. Modern models give higher performance and require less electricity than previous systems.

Against the background tron to php of the release of new motherboards from NVIDIA and AMD, the performance of outdated devices does not change. For the latter to have a lower hashrate, objective reasons are needed.

Back in 2021, NVIDIA decided to programmatically block cryptocurrency mining on RTX 3060 video cards . According to the developers’ plan, the power was to be halved. It turned out that mining was limited only for the Ethereum network, but this restriction was also removed after the system was hacked.

Network complexity

One of the main parameters in cryptocurrency mining. It determines the amount of work that the equipment needs to do to find one block.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and its value, the hash rate of the network increases as more powerful mining equipment is connected. At the same time, the block opening time is reduced. When it becomes noticeably lower than the average values, the complexity of the network is raised by the algorithm. There is also an inverse relationship. If the Ethereum hashrate of the entire network has dropped significantly, it will take more time to find a block. As a result, the difficulty will decrease to return to the previous values.

External factors

The decrease in computing power occurs for various reasons. For example, if a large farm is disconnected from the network, the hashrate will decrease. The higher it was, the more noticeable the effect will become.

Power supply problems also lead to a decrease in the number of miners and a drop in the performance of computing systems.

Reasons for the drop in hashrate in mining

The main reasons are listed above. They work for the Ethereum network and other cryptocurrencies. We can only add some indirect reasons.

Falling ETH If the value of the coin drops sharply, this will lead to the disconnection of the equipment from the network.
Farm overheating All video cards get very hot under load. When the temperature jumps (over 80°C on average), the power of the chips decreases. If a user has a drop in hashrate on one video card, this is a sign of its overheating.
Lack of nutrition In such a situation, the productivity of cryptocurrency mining farms also decreases.

If it is still possible to eliminate the causes of overheating and lack of power, then nothing can be done with the Ethereum rate. In this case, the miner becomes a “hostage” of the market.

Why the hashrate on the video card drops and how to solve the problem

Among the most common methods for eliminating the causes of a drop in efficiency are the following:

  • If one or more cards start to heat up, you need to clean the heatsinks, replace the thermal pads, and install a new cooling system.
  • If the timings change (or if they remain standard), you need to find values ​​for a specific cryptocurrency in the network.
  • When the reason is the collapse of the token rate, it remains only to wait for the market to grow.
  • Software failure. This is rare, but cannot be ruled out. You need to look for a problem in the software settings or just reset them to default, and then make new settings.

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