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Why is 1tb more than 500gb?

is 1tb more than 500gb

A terabyte is often abbreviated as TB. A 1tb hard drive would be 1,000 gigabytes or 1,000,000,000 bytes. For a 500gb hard drive, it’s 500 gigabytes or 500 million bytes. That means that the capacity of the larger disk will be more than four times greater than that of is 1tb more than 500gb the smaller one! In simple terms: more data can fit on a disk with more room to spare.

Here’s why:

In a hard drive, the bits that make up each byte are arranged in groups, called sectors. Each sector can hold either one byte or two bytes. When it holds two bytes, it’s called a double-density disk drive. IBM sells many of its drives as 1tb drives because they’re around four times cheaper per gigabyte than 500gb drives — and four times faster!

More data can fit on a disk if there are more sectors per track (the tracks are the ridges that hold the data) and also wider tracks — with bigger spaces between them. The more space there is between tracks, the more space keeps everything from interfering with each other because there’s less to mix things up.

Which is better to use: 1tb more than 500gb?

If the main reason you want a 1tb hard drive is because it’s faster, then there’s really no contest. You’ll find that a 1tb drive will cost much less than a comparable 500gb drive and work just as fast, too. Better still controller inside each hard drive can handle more data than ever before, so you won’t have to move files around between different drives — copying files from one disk to another is no longer necessary and the main reason you want a 1tb hard drive is because of higher capacity and the ability to keep more data safe for longer.

Then the choice for which one to buy will depend on what software you use. Microsoft applications can take advantage of more memory than ever before, so a 1tb hard drive will be more than adequate for most users. It’s certainly worth considering if you have to store large files like high-resolution photos and videos. However gets a new computer for the first time, it’s probably best to buy the biggest disk drive your budget can support without exceeding it.

How to choose between 1tb more than 500gb? 

A 1tb hard drive provides greater capacity and durability than 500gb drives, but the price premium for a larger capacity hard drive is fairly small compared to the cost of a new computer. The main difference between 1000GB more than 500GB hard drives is that the 1000GB drives have faster read and write speeds. This translates into faster web page response, faster file transfers and faster application performance. With 500GB drives you’re not going to notice any performance difference in the average user’s day to day use of a computer, which means the choice should be purely one of price versus size.

Final Verdict: 

The 1tb more than 500gb is certainly worth the price premium you pay for it. It’s cheaper per gigabyte and faster, so there’s no reason not to buy one. It might not be necessary for some users, but if you need the extra space it’ll definitely make a difference. If you’re not sure which one to buy yet, think about how fast your internet connection is and whether or not you use cloud storage most of the time. If the answer to both questions is no, then a 500GB hard drive should do just fine unless you’re running an older operating system like Windows XP or Vista.

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