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8 Fashion Myths That Need To Be Debunked

In today’s fashion, stereotypes are avoided at all costs. New trends frequently defy established conventions, implying that originality is the most important factor. There was a period when such constraints helped us survive, but that time has passed. That’s why designers and fashion icons favour bright colour palettes and designs and aren’t hesitant to mix and match unrelated pieces while wearing whatever they want.

8 Fashion Myths That Need To Be Debunked


Myth 1: You can’t mix and match silver and gold jewellery.

Wearing gold and silver together was once thought to be a sign of bad taste, but today this combination is nothing to be ashamed of. So according to stylists, the only thing that should be considered is that the pieces have a similar style and complement the rest of the outfit.


Myth 2: You can’t wear more than three colours at once.

Over the years, combining different fabrics, colours, and designs in one outfit have gone from “poor taste” to “ultra-fashionable.”And you could always make your hand-over tie and co-ord set for this amazing look. Even Designers and street fashion experts nowadays fearlessly mix seemingly unmatchable patterns and hues, seemingly unconcerned about disharmony


Myth 3: Only slim or tall people look well in oversized clothing.

There’s a misconception that large clothing is exclusively suitable for skinny and tall women. However, this makes it more difficult for the “lesser representatives” of the attractive half of the world, as well as girls with shapely bodies, to get everything right with their outfits. They often appear lovely in big clothing as well. For example, while wearing a huge, spacious sweater, combine it with something slender and simple as a balancing technique.


Myth 4: Polyester clothing appears to be low-cost.

Polyester and other synthetic textiles, according to stylist Katharina Starley, should not be avoided. The majority of sportswear is made of synthetic fibres that have been particularly created. They don’t absorb scents and dry rapidly. Furthermore, renowned manufacturers frequently use polyester in their clothing.

Myth 5: If you wear black, you will appear older.

Another common misconception is that wearing black makes you look older. This colour, on the other hand, lengthens the posture, making your body appear smaller and drawing attention to your face. Which would make you look more beautiful, some stylish shirts for men are a collection that might help to complete your look


Myth 6: Glitter is exclusively appropriate for nighttime looks.

Glitter was once regarded to be only suitable for nighttime attire. However, fashionistas and celebrities have long demonstrated that such items can be worn casually as well. They can be dressed up with your favourite basic pieces, such as slacks, sweatshirts, and coats.


Myth 4: Women with high heels appear more feminine.

High-heeled shoes, according to popular belief, are what make a girl look feminine. Other features, such as the way a woman moves, her posture, self-confidence, and clothes that fit her body form, can make a woman appear feminine. At the same time, any detail, such as bold lipstick or flirting exposed shoulders, can add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit.


Myth 5: Genuine leather bags appear to be more elegant.

A trendy purse completes every ensemble, yet “stylish and attractive” does not always imply “genuine leather.” Furthermore, many well-known designers have begun to develop collections of faux and eco-friendly leather bags, and celebrities and other fashionistas are already capitalising on this trend.


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