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Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in India

Surprise her on her special day with a quirky gift and make her feel appreciated & adored.

If you have a girl in your life with whom you are completely committed, someone who always has your back, and someone who is the reason why you smile every day, you’ll probably want to urge her a present that will speak volumes about just what proportion you’re keen on her. Show her how grateful you’re and find the right present for her here. Surprise her on her special day with a quirky gift and make her feel appreciated & adored.

List of Birthday Gifts That You Can Give to Your Girlfriend in India

From unique Glass Mug to Photo Table Clock, you will find everything in this article that you would like to gift to your girlfriend.

Personalized Hello Gorgeous Glass Mug

A great gift for the gorgeous girls you recognize. A personalised mugs is formed of clear glass and feature a sweet message for them. Personalize with a reputation. An excellent gift for the gorgeous girls you recognize. 

Chocolate Tray with Personalized Card

A delicious gift tray that you can gift to your girlfriend on Chocolate Day. This handmade MDF tray contains 2 bars of premium chocolate, strawberry, cherry dragees, Choco coated almonds in a jute potli, & a card. Personalize this card with the name of your sweetheart & you.

Quilt Finish Sling Bag

Black is beautiful! This PU leather quilted clutch bag can be fashioned in a sling with the metal Belcher chain. It has a metallic twist closure along with a single zippered compartment in it. Moreover, it will prove to be a perfect item for formal as well as casual wear.

Personalized Handbag

It’s a spacious bag for a woman who is always on the move. The PU leather bag has a zippered closure in it with a split double compartment. Inside this bag, it has a zippered pouch on one side and some small pouches on another side; a metal tag in the front; and a zippered pouch on the back. You can also personalize this handbag with the name tag.

Silicone Panda Touch Lamp

Let this cute little panda guard your girlfriend’s bedside together with his cute expression & colorful LED lights. The lamp works for nearly 10 hours to 12 hours only with a 3 hour charging time. The panda lamp can light up in 7 different colors & lights. Just tap the lamp and luxuriate in a warm glow. An excellent gift for the small monster who is scared to roll in the hay all the lights off or a birthday present for a panda lover who can’t have enough panda-related stuff.

LED Bonsai Tree Lamp

You can never have enough lamps and also, we have decided to bring one that is unparalleled in beauty & wisdom. It is none other than the Tree LED Lamp. The lamp is battery-operated and thus, you can place it easily just about anywhere. In case you run out of batteries, you can always light the lamp up using the USB cable. The lamp emits a soft glow and due to this, you can also put it on the bedside table. It will prove to be a lovely gift for your girl this season.

Personalized Caricature Wooden Portrait

Celebrating your girlfriend’s birthday? Why not get her a gift that is as amazing as this occasion? Here’s the Personalized Caricature Wooden Portrait for you. It’s a freestyle vector art where you send us the best photo of your girlfriend with you and we will transform it into a cartoon avatar. We don’t change the pose and copy it exactly as in the photo using cartoonish features. The caricature is then printed on the wooden frame. Get this beautiful art as a gift for your girlfriend or get her portrait done in a cartoonish form.

Bluetooth-Enabled Bonsai Speaker-Cum-Lamp

Yes, we are not joking. This lamp performs all these services for you! The Touch Sensor 3-in-1 Tree Lamp is packed with smart technology! Running on a cord, this lamp can easily be operated with a touch sensor for LED lights. Your girlfriend can choose from various brightness levels simply by running her fingers across the sensors. It gets even better with its in-built Bluetooth-enabled speaker so that she can enjoy music in her favorite light setting! And wait, did she phone start running out of charge? Well, this lamp has that solution as well due to its Qi wireless charging pad! Isn’t it cool, right?

Vintage Love Cushion

This cushion is a cuddly gift for that cute person whom you adore. The square-shaped Vintage Love Cushion with velvet-colored cover makes it a thoughtful online gifts for girlfriend. Often, this cushion is personalized with the specified image in high resolution.

Pull Me up Zigzag Love

Many times, what a little box of memories can do, a giant solitaire can never do it. Also, this cute & pretty photo box with a zigzag stripe photo reel on it would be great fun to open. Gift it to your girlfriend who lives by moments and adores capturing them. You never know, what wonder this beautiful Lil box would do for your girlfriend.

Personalized Happy Birthday Wishes

Say thanks to her for her existence over this beautiful Personalized Happy Birthday Mug. Get a cute picture of the birthday girl printed over this mug and make it a special birthday gift for her. A mug such as this mug will be cherished till eternity by your girlfriend.

Photo Table Clock

Let every second, minute, & hour of your sweetheart’s life be all about love and romance over this personalized table clock on which forever and always is written. You can personalize the clock with her photos & name. Moreover, this Photo Table Clock will make a great piece of decor art in your room.

To Wrap Up

Birthday is one of those days of the year when a person, especially if she is your girlfriend, becomes most important to everyone. The day when everyone would shower her with wishes, flowers, chocolates, & what not’s to make them feel special. Girls especially are very excited about their birthdays. They have things planned up in their mind since God knows when and they’ll always tell you their fairy tale fantasies. Amidst all the hugs, pop-up cards, wishes, bouquets that she receives, she searches for a special gift that you give her for her birthday. Finding the best gift for creative people such as your girlfriend just got easier!

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