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Digital Marketing

Brief About Landing Pages

The landing page is, literally, a destination page that welcomes Internet users who have clicked on a link from, for example, an email or an advertisement (display, ads, social ads, etc.).

Very often, landing pages are not attached to “parent pages” in the menu and navigation bar of the site. It can also be “ orphan pages  ” accessible via backlinks . These landing pages are then accessible only to those who have chosen to consult them . You can contact Landing Page Design Agency in Washington

Examples of landing pages

I choose these landing pages because they meet a number of characteristics specific to this type of page. Of course, apart from having direct access to statistics, it is impossible to tell you that such a landing page has such a conversion rate. But the best is to try for yourself.

Are you lacking inspiration or are you simply on the lookout for best practices for landing pages?

The classic landpage

Generally simple in layout, this type of landing page is the most basic and common form you can find. It is designed in such a way that Internet users can access the offer with a single click. Normally, the information provided about the product or service will be vaguely summarized to entice users to subscribe directly on the site.


Dropbox has created a very minimalist, but devilishly effective landing page. The offer is completely understandable, the promise is clear and the design is sleek while remaining pleasant.

3 tips for creating a successful landing page

The sole objective of these pages is therefore to encourage Internet users to perform an action such as:

  • fill out a form
  • subscribe to a newsletter
  • register for a webinar
  • request a product demo
  • make an appointment…

To lead the Internet user straight to the point, it is necessary to avoid distractions as much as possible and direct his attention to three key elements of the landing page : a short title , an airy layout and impactful content and CTAs .

#01 A short title oriented “customer benefits”.

Talk to your audience. Meet their expectations. Tell them what they’re getting rather than flatly announcing the name of your product or services.

For example, these turns of titles:

  • Gain efficiency with GeoDataProjection
  • Become number 01 on Google!

are more incisive than:

  • GeoDataProjection XZ 347, Professional Edition, just released
  • Marketing Webinar, Monday October 4th

#02 An airy layout

To capture the attention of the Internet user, bet on an airy layout with:

  • line and paragraph breaks
  • icons and visuals
  • short and concise sentences
  • bulleted lists
  • title depths to structure the text
  • a clearly visible CTA (call-to-action)

Offer little content , go to the essentials , to make the user want to perform the expected action on this page.

#03 Impactful content and CTAs

Internet users who have clicked on the redirection link to the landing page expect to obtain information and answers to their expectations .

Use the storytelling method to tell your story and make them want to know more. Apply the AIDA Method to captivate your audience. Accompany them in their reflection with an APB argument : Advantages, Proofs, Benefits.

  • Advantages : characteristics, functionalities, performance…
  • Evidence : elements of reassurance through customer testimonials, video demos, labels and certifications, etc.
  • Benefits : what customers and users will get

And create a CTA whose promise translates into an action verb conjugated in the first person :

  • I subscribe
  • I take an appointment
  • I’m registering…

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