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Everything you Need to Know About Relocating your Pet Abroad

Pets are very sensitive and they need extra care even at home. They must also like travelling in your car just like dogs keeping their heads out of the window while the car is at high speed or your cats to hop from one seat to another. They like that right? But do you think that relocating them is as easy as it looks to you.

Travelling abroad is exciting and fun for you but your pet might like 1 hour drive not a full day travel in a flight. Did you consider how they are going to relocate with you all the way to a new home in another country where each and every surrounding of them are going to change. They can get anxiety or fear of flying. You will have to look after them and take care of their each and every need. You will need to make an informed decision about whether your pet is even ready for a relocation or not.

There are many companies that provide international relocation services that consult relocation counsellors too to oversee the move of your loved one. There are a lot of steps to relocate a pet and not just taking them from one location to another.

packers and movers
packers and movers

How does a pet relocation work?

Mostly pet relocation services serve all over the world. they pick up your pet from your current location, check your pet in at the airport, clear through the customs on their arrival and safely deliver them at your new home. They are specialized in doing this kind of work only and are responsible to arrange everything from flights, export and import documents, quarantine procedures, counselling, etc. They counsel both pet as well as owner regarding the whole move.

Services included during the move

  • Door-to-door handling of your pet.
  • Assistance of your pet with a professional person during the whole move.
  • Especially built carriers for your pet.
  • Scheduled meals and playtime for your pet during the move.
  • Proper care for medications and sanitization of your pet on regular intervals.

Global standards for pet relocation

Almost all the pet relocation companies are associated with some international organizations such as Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). IPATA is an organization that sets standards for membership of different moving companies for pet relocation. There are several other organizations also who work similarly. These associations monitor the pet transportation from one country to another and validate the move on the basis of some ethical standards. They over see the performance of the moving companies and can give them certifications to do the particular work. They can also reject any company’s certification anytime they are found to be indulged in any sort of illegal activities or if they have not been working properly and if there are complaints against them.

How you are charged for pet relocation services

The total cost of the pet relocation includes ground transportation of pet to and fro from your locations to the airport, documentation fees, import fees and airlines charges for the pets. If the pet travels as a cargo, then airlines charge according to the weight of the travel crate. These charges are sometimes similar to the one-way trip of one person.

Risks of pet relocation

There are many risks associated with pet relocation. Pets are sensitive and can get ill while they are travelling. Sometimes there are risks that they may die due to high altitude or fear of flying. Most animals that are old in age are mostly at a greater risk. Other than those, the pets with high-anxiety also shows a risk for hyperventilation and injury to themselves if they are not properly trained to travel and conditions becomes worse for them. some pets might also suffer heat stroke or breathing problems when they are exposed to airline environment. These all might be a cause of hereditary health problems and it is advised to always consult their vet before you are even planning to take them with you. you must ensure to get them trained for the travel and be ready about their travel needs.

Why do you need to hire pet relocation services?

Moving to another country is not a piece of cake. You will have to deal with a lot of things including their travel, necessary vaccinations, medical records, health certificate and other certificates that another country might ask. There might be countries who will ask to quarantine your pet before moving in. All of this is taken care by pet relocation companies who directly work with you and help you with each and every step of your move. They will tell you about all the vaccinations, quarantine process, flights details and availability for your pet, etc. and will walk you and your pet through the customs.

When you are travelling by air, it comes with a lot of challenges for your pets. You will have to consider a lot of options for their safe travel. Sometimes there are chances that airline you are going with might not allow your pet to come along or maybe it will prove to be costlier than choosing a moving company.

Prepare your pet for the move

Make sure to entertain your pet and make them realize that you will be moving soon with them. sudden changes will affect them so it is advised to do the moving discussions as soon as possible. See in what type of transport your pet will be more comfortable. Make or buy a specialized container or travelling crate for them if they are not comfortable with moving company ones. New location means new feelings of your pets. It can be difficult both for you and your pet and they will take their time to adjust.  Keep a routine for them according to your new schedule and their previous schedule. Make sure they are playing well and are getting a load of attention from you. If you see any negative changes, immediately contact your vet and take them to their happy places. If you are travelling with them, make it a positive experience for them. Reward them with their favorite treats and take them for a walk in the neighborhood to make them known from the location.

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