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How to Care for a Hardwood Dining Table Set

When purchasing handcrafted, custom furniture, you want to ensure that it is properly cared for. As a result, the appearance will be preserved, and the surface’s particular sheen and texture will be preserved.


Wipe your piece’s surface clean with a soft, wet cloth to remove dust and grime. After that, dry and absorb any excess moisture with a dry, soft cloth.


If your dining table set requires a deeper clean, use a gentle soap and water or Spotless Furniture and Glass Cleaner. When you’re through, make sure to dry the furniture fully.

When it comes to cleaning solid wood furniture, there are a few chemicals to avoid. First and foremost, any bleach-based cleaners should be avoided. Ammonia, as well as any substance containing ammonia, should be avoided because it might stain the varnish.

Scratch the surface with abrasive cleaning pads or cleaners.

Heat Damage Prevention

Avoid placing hot dishes on the dining table sets (Amish Made Furniture) directly when serving meals. Use hot pads, trivets, or a custom table pad to protect the dining table set wood from the increased heat. Place your wood furniture away from heat vents and other heat sources like fireplaces and radiators.

Use a humidifier to prevent the wood from shrinking, cracking, or drying out during the dry winter months. To keep the wood from becoming overly damp and expanding during the hot summer months, use an air conditioner.

Water Protection

 Always use a dry cloth to finish the job after wiping or cleaning your furniture. Any spills should be soaked up as quickly as possible and dried. To avoid a discolored ring on the surface of the wood, use coasters for beverages.

Scratches can be avoided by preventing them.

Tablecloths, table pads, table runners, and place mats are all good ways to keep your dining table set from getting scratched. To keep your pieces from appearing brand new, use them on a regular basis.

Prevent Damage to the Structure

when shifting furniture or installing a leaf on a table, it should always be taken up and positioned where you want it. Pulling or dragging furniture over the floor can cause damage to the joints that hold it together, making the piece unstable. 

Staining and wood

The Phoenix Finishing Amish finishing shop in Ohio, which is a Steiner’s associate, hand stains and finishes all of our furniture orders.

Because we use a central stain shop, you won’t have to worry about your furniture’s appearance or feel differing from what you expected. Look through all of our wood and colour samples to find the perfect match for your personal style.

Pick-up and delivery

It’s finally time to take your piece home once it’s been created, built, and finished. The furniture is wrapped in an Amish blanket and transported from Ohio to Arizona by Steiner’s Amish Furniture. Steiner’s provides two options for delivery once your furniture has arrived in Arizona. You have the option of picking up your furniture in store or having it transported to your home and set up. Our Limited Liability Form can be found on our Shipping Page for additional information.

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