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How to Repair Your Car’s Radiator/Fan


Your car’s radiator helps cool your engine, preventing it from overheating and damaging it.

The radiator is an integral part of your car’s cooling system and helps remove excess heat.

The coolant circulates through this system: its passage through the engine allows it to be cooled, by absorbing the heat. In the event of a breakdown, the origin often comes from a coolant leak: an insufficient quantity does not allow the engine to be cooled. HVAC for Industries

Cooling system/radiator leak:

You usually notice a radiator leak when you discover a puddle in the front of the car, or after unusual overheating.

When this happens, check your coolant level and if it has actually dropped, try to find the leak.

How to check the cooling system?

When looking at your cooling system, don’t just check the fan. There may be issues with other items, such as loose hose clamps, hoses that are too soft, or leaking joints.

When checking your fan, look not just to see if the fins are broken, but also if there is a chance that they will break soon. You can then pressure test your system to make sure it can withstand high temperatures, as well as naturally occurring pressure increases.

Car radiator repair:

If your radiator has broken down, it may be necessary to take you to a garage, as repairing or replacing it is a major job.

If it is only a minor leak, you can plug it yourself temporarily, but you will have to think about having your engine repaired or replaced, because this solution will not be able to hold up over time.

There are car radiator anti-leak products, in liquid or powder form. Just pour it into the coolant and let the engine idle for several minutes. In the event of a leak, the product accumulates in the opening in order to plug the hole.

When you turn off your engine and your radiator cools down, the sealant hardens and forms a semi-permanent seal. To know Automotive demand in 2022 click here

Old models:

If you have an older model car with a copper or brass radiator, you will need to dismantle it in order to repair it.

Your radiator will need to be hooked up to a compressed air system and placed in a tank of water, so you can locate the hole.

Then, dry your radiator and seal the hole using a torch and soldering metal.

Aluminum radiators:

If your car has an aluminum radiator, you will also need to pressure test it in a tank of water, mark the hole and seal it with some special aluminum epoxy putty/resin.

An aluminum radiator cannot be welded, in fact, it would melt under the effect of heat.

Several pressure tests and repairs may be necessary in order to properly seal the hole.

What to do in the Event of a coolant leak?

If you find that coolant is leaking heavily from your radiator, the damage is probably too bad to repair.

You must carry out a more thorough check of your cooling system and your radiator, in order to determine the origin of the leak: a damage on a pipe, at the level of the tank, or a badly screwed cap. For HVAC Services Lubbock TX

If you discover that the leak is coming from your radiator, see if it can be fixed.

It is best to monitor your temperature gauge, summer and winter alike, so that you know its normal position and more easily notice a change.

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