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Interesting Fact About Sharmila Nicollet

The inspiring story of Sharmila Nicolellet, the golfer, is told in her biography. She is an Indo French professional golfer, hailing from Bangalore in India. Marc Nicollet her father is French, and Surekha Nicollet her mother are both from Bangalore. Sharmila graduated from Bishop’s Cotton Girls’ high school. She received her 10th- and 12th grades in private school at Bangalore International School.

She began playing golf at the age of 11. Her passion for golf was initially just something she did to have fun. It became her ultimate career choice. When she was only 15, her first tournament was won. She has represented India in numerous tournaments since then, including internationals and nationals.

She is also a huge car enthusiast, which can be easily seen on her Instagram. She has appeared in magazines and performed modeling at events. Her 2018 earnings according to wgai.co.in – The Women’s Golf Association of India – are as follows:


Sharmila’s father Marc works as a software engineer and her mother Surekha runs Padmini Aroma Pvt Ltd, in Bangalore.

Nicollet is a top-ranked international golfer, but she’s also a fantastic swimmer. She is an ex-national sub-junior swimmer champion, and has also participated at multiple school-level athletics events.

Backstroke is the only competitive stroke that can be done on the back. It also starts from within the water. It is similar to the Front Crawl but with one important difference: the head is not facing the ceiling and is in neutral position. The average speed of the breaststroke is also faster than that of the backstroke. It is one of the most difficult strokes to master, even though it is the easiest to learn. Ryan Murphy and Aaron Piersol are just a few of the greats to have mastered this technique. They all stayed true to their roots while achieving their greatest success. These advanced tips will improve your backstroke swimming performances.

Flat with the head pointing towards the ceiling

This is the most important and challenging task when you are practicing the stroke. For the best backstroke speed, your entire body must be as flat and smooth as possible. The instinct of the human being to look around when swimming on their backs is to look at others. This is something you wouldn’t do if you were to get out of the race. Point your face straight up. Keep your straight face towards the ceiling and clouds. When you move down, your hips can become tangled in the water(also read about Mary Kom & Smriti Mandhana). While this will help, it will slow down your speed. You should feel comfortable underwater, and you should focus more on your form. Try to keep your hips as close the water surface as possible. However, the hips should remain slightly below the water surface. You can do flutter kicks similar that for front crawl. While you’re doing this, be sure to relax your neck.

According to an interview she gave the quint, her favorite shot was “the driver” and is her strength.


  • Sharmila represented India in several international tournaments. She began her career by taking part in the 2006 Asian Games, held in Doha
  • She represented India at the Asian Pacific Junior Golf Tournament in San Diego.
  • Sharmila became history in 2007-08 when she became the youngest female golfer to win All-India Ladies Amateur Championship.
  • Sharmila became the youngest Indian female golfer to qualify for the Ladies European tour in 2009, after she turned professional at the age of 18 years.
  • She is also second Indian, following Smriti Mehra to be awarded a full card in the Ladies European Tour 2012
  • Nicollet also won the Hero KGA tournament the same year.
  • In 2015, she won Hero-WPGT.
  • She has a record 11 wins in Women’s Golf Association Of India.

Sharmila Nicollet Awards

  • IGULS honored her with the title of Lady Golfer of the Year in 2007. (Amateur)
  • WGAI named her “player-of-the-year” in 2010. (Professional)


Sharmila was the first Indian to qualify in the China LPGA Tour.

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