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Way To Write Product Descriptions That Boost Conversions

A well-written product description is critical for moving clients through the sales funnel of your online business.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of writing the perfect product description.

Because product descriptions are such an important component of the sales funnel, you should combine creativity and optimization to improve your marketing copy and increase sales on your eCommerce site.

Due to the lack of a traditional tactile purchase experience when shopping online, eCommerce site owners must make an extra effort to demonstrate that their product is the correct fit for their clients.

The most common error shop owners do is to write product descriptions that focus solely on the attributes of their products. It has been established, however, that marketers should write descriptions that help them draw attention to their product sites.

Your product descriptions should ideally highlight a distinct value proposition and provide the ideal solution to your target audience’s issue.

Bounce rates will be greater and eCommerce conversion rates will be lower for online sellers who do not understand the need of innovative product descriptions.

In this article, we’ll show you how to develop outstanding descriptions for your eCommerce products that can increase conversions.

Our website design and development team can establish an eCommerce website for you if you don’t already have one or need assistance with one that you already have.

So, let’s get this party started.

What is the definition of an eCommerce product description?

An eCommerce product description is a piece of marketing material that includes details on the product’s key characteristics and benefits.

The purpose of the product description is to provide information and specifics to potential customers in order to entice them to purchase your products and services.

Your descriptions should, on average, address the following questions:

  • “Can you tell me what problem(s) your product solves?”
  • “How does a customer benefit from using your product?”
  • “How does your product differentiate itself from the competition?”
  • A decent product description must include the following elements.

Concentrate on your intended audience.

Before you begin writing product descriptions for your eCommerce business, you must first define and understand your target audience.

Untargeted descriptions will arise from writing text with a broad audience in mind.

The tone and wording of your product descriptions should be exclusively determined by the target audience. Consider the following scenario:

If you own a children’s book store, your descriptions should be lighthearted and entertaining.

Keep your tone professional if you manage a nonprofit that supports a serious cause.

Begin by visualising the buyer you want to work with. Create a buyer persona and note the most common terms and phrases they use.

Sell a memorable experience.

One of the most common eCommerce store blunders is focusing solely on the benefits and features of individual products.

However, did you realise that potential buyers are more interested in the individual benefits of each product feature?

Make a point of emphasising the benefits of each of your product’s features. Include characteristics and features that will assist your buyers in feeling more productive or satisfied.

Remember that your purpose as a marketer is to sell an experience, not just a product.

Do not use terms like “yeah-yeah.”

It’s not easy to come up with innovative product descriptions. It’s a creative ability that takes time and effort to master, but it’s well worth it if you want to capture your customer’s attention right away.

Unfortunately, most online retailers write product descriptions just because they believe it is a necessary part of the process.

They are unaware of the importance of selecting the appropriate words.

When they’re stumped for words, they’ll often use filler words and phrases like ‘premium-quality products,’ ‘top-rated things,’ and similar terms.

These are known as ‘yeah-yeah’ phrases in the eCommerce sector. When a visitor to your website reads these lines, they say to themselves, “oh, sure, that’s obvious.”

Consider this: who would describe the quality of their own product as average or poor?

Maintain a straightforward approach. Instead of just bragging about your product’s excellence and benefits, be as descriptive as possible and highlight technical elements.

Please provide detailed evidence.

“It ain’t bragging (expletive removed) if you back it up,” as the great marketer Kid Rock put it.

Back up your claims with evidence. Demonstrate actual data to back up your claim that your product is the best.

If you offer electronics, for example, talk about patents, construction, certifications, real-world users, and so on.

The goal is to make your readers believe that your products are unique.

If you don’t have enough references to back up your claim, keep your material short.

Consider including a client testimonial to demonstrate that your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Include sensory terms in your list.

Sensory words engage more brain processing power, according to research, and assist enhance eCommerce conversion rates. So, to help you increase conversions for your online store, use science and sensory language.

What are Sensory Words, and how do you use them?

Words that describe the senses. They use our five senses to explain experiences.

Assume you run an online candy store. To captivate your readers, utilise sensory descriptors like sweet, crunchy, fragrant, and creamy in your descriptions.

Source: product rule, product features

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