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What to consider when moving to Dubai?

Dubai is a loving point with different cultures from around the globe. Its whole population almost constitutes 80 per cent of ex-pats. Dubai is presently attracting investors towards its off-plan projects such as Six Senses Dubai Residences.

Moving to a new place is very thrilling; it can be quite worrying and intimidating as well. A lot is requires to consider, especially if you are moving along with your family and children. Dubai is full of opportunities for ex-pats, both in the business sector and real estate sector. The latest project W Residences Downtown Dubai is the most suitable for those investors who want to buy luxury apartments.

What to know before moving to Dubai? 

What are the Different Types of Visas and Entry Permits?

The UAE government issues different types of visas and entry authorizations.

Employment visa

This visa is for those who have signed an employment agreement with a company registered in Dubai. 

Business Visa

Foreign businesspersons who want to get a longstanding visa for themselves and their dependents can apply for the UAE Business Golden Visa that deals to offer residency for up to five to ten years in Dubai.

Investor Visa

This type of visa is only for foreign nationals who, either, have a capital investment of cost AED 72k in a present corporation or are setting up a business in Dubai value the same amount. The visa validity is only three years. New luxury development Six Senses Dubai at Palm Jumeirah is attracting investors around the globe.

Student Visa

A student visa is granted to international students who are above 18 years. Outstanding students who score a minimum of 95% or a GPA of 3.75 can acquire a 5-year Dubai student visa. To apply for a student visa, necessary steps comprise approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), passing a medical health test, and submitting a sponsorship from a parent or the university.

Dependent visa

If your spouse, parents, or children hold a legal residence visa in moving to Dubai, you are qualified for a dependent visa. Men who wish to bring their spouses to Dubai must receive at least a monthly salary of AED 4k or AED 3k with istanbul escort housing. Those who wish to sponsor their parents must have at least a salary of AED 20k or a monthly income of AED 19k along with 2-bedroom housing as per the moving to Dubai government policy. Women can also sponsor their families, provided they acquire a monthly payment of AED 10k or AED 8k with housing. 

Freelance Visa

This type of visa is for independent freelancers. You can apply for a freelance visa in Dubai if you wish to work independently in the media/technology sectors. The extensive free zone contains moving to Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and moving to Dubai Knowledge Park offer freelance visas at different charges.


To be permitted to stay in Dubai, it is significant for one to be employed. Therefore, if you are ambitious to move into moving to Dubai, you are suggested to land a job before you move to Dubai. The job-hunting procedure can be done from your home country via job portals on the internet or with the help of native recruiters.

 Dubai gives its residents the choice to rent or buy properties to live in. While possessing a property is constrained to the freehold communities across the city. Renting a space is easy and you can choose as per your desire. You can select to rent or purchase either an apartment in W Residences Downtown moving to Dubai or a villa in Six Senses Dubai, according to your choice. Apartments are more in number and are also inexpensive than villas and penthouses. It is the recommendation to choose a community that contains less commute to workplaces. 


Dubai is one of the most generous and easy-going places in the Arab world. The main religion of moving to  Dubai is Islam, and all residents, regardless of their belief have to respect the local culture and traditions. A suggestion is to brace yourselves with the local laws before moving into Dubai.  moving to Dubai has numerous investment opportunities for ex-pats, like the latest luxury apartment project W Residences Downtown Dubai. Moreover, the upcoming residential development with a luxurious living experience is the Six Senses moving to Dubai

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