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5 Quirky Ideas For A Special Engagement Photo Shoot

5 Quirky Ideas For A Special Engagement Photo Shoot

Tying the knot is a huge milestone in many couples’ lives. It takes commitment, trust, and love (a real one) to have the courage to seal it off. For the courageous, engagement is the phase where they prepare themselves for a new chapter—with more responsibilities and meaningful commitments. 

And so that phase is a milestone that you should celebrate. If you’re someone who just got engaged, you’re probably looking for ways to immortalise this massive moment. One way you can do so is by celebrating the moment through a photo shoot. For many couples, photo shoots are not only for their ‘save-the-dates’ invites—but also to show us a brief glimpse of their love journey. 

Having a photo shoot with your other half is truly exciting. However, it can also be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time doing it. But, you shouldn’t let that feeling overshadow your special milestone. After all, there’s no right way to an engagement photo shoot. The goal is to enjoy your moment. 

In this article, let’s dive into some quirky ideas to make your engagement photo shoot special. 

1. A photo shoot where you can tell your future kids, “that’s how I met your mother.”

Photo from Pexels

When it comes to love, we all like a little backstory of how it started. Wouldn’t it be fun to travel back in time and revisit how it all began? If this idea excites you, I suggest you relive the place or the moment you and your other half met. 

You and your lover can dress just like the way you did when you first met, too. From redoing your hairstyles to accessories, showing up as your old self is truly a feat. If the spot where you first met no longer exists, you can go to a professional photo printing shop and have your studio shots taken instead. 

You can request them to edit the background with the picture of where you first met. Redoing that particular moment doesn’t have to be overly excessive. It just needs to be a fun one. It will be a photo you can show your kids and say, “and that’s how I met your mother.”

2. Imitate each other’s silly habits that you find charming, then pose with them.

Photo from Pexels

Everyone has unique, silly habits that only the people who love us know. Sometimes, we don’t even realise we have such a habit—until they point it out. If you and your lover agree and are okay with your habits, why don’t you pose with them? Of course, we’re not encouraging a mannerism that is uncomfortable to share. We’re talking about those charming little quirks that you find interesting about each other.

You don’t even have to tell the world about the meaning behind your poses. Most of them would think it’s just a funny face pose anyways, so you don’t need to bother about that. What matters is that both of you are comfortable with this idea. That’s the first step in making a special engagement photo shoot. 

3. Surprise each other with a gift, then ask the photographer to document your initial and raw reactions.

Photo from Pexels

There’s a tradition where couples give each other presents on their wedding day. It is non-customary, but for some reason, many couples do it. If both of your love languages are gift-giving, this idea could interest you. 

You and your partner could plan about it a week before your photoshoot day. You don’t necessarily have to set rules about the gift. Just pick something that you think your lover would appreciate. Something to commemorate the day you both decided to move forward together. 

Don’t forget to inform your photographer about this. Then, let the rest follow. Let your raw and genuine reactions do the magic of producing a unique and memorable engagement photo. 

4. Dress as each other’s celebrity crush.

Photo from Pexels

Even though your lover is the love of your life, both of you could still have a celebrity crush. And just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean your dream crush instantly changes, like your marital status. In that sense, why don’t you decide to dress as each other’s celebrity crush?

Before you both officially tie the knot, it would be fun to ‘play’ pretend for just a day. Like in my previous suggestion, you could surprise each other with your overall look. If your fiance’s celebrity crush is Taylor Swift, it’s up to you to choose from her best looks and make them look as realistic as possible. 

That will surely be a fun-filled day for both of you. It doesn’t matter if you both can’t keep a straight face on your shoots. If both of your tummies hurt from laughing too much, you already succeeded in making your engagement shoot special. 

5. Lastly, shoot a theme with nothing but your natural selves.

Photo from Pexels

After you guys have done various shoots with different themes and quirky ideas, it’s time to shoot with nothing but your natural selves. It is a theme of less pressure and effort because all you have to do is be your typical selves. You can shoot it in your house, your favourite park, or your favourite restaurant.

No need to stress about your outfits, too. Just come as you are. This idea might seem too plain for some, but it is a good way of capturing how you both are at an exact moment. If this seems too simple, you can always spice it up the way you want. 

You can travel or even use items that are significant to you. But the ultimate concept here is to be just yourselves. No need to try hard—just be how you are when both of you are in your special bubbles. 

Don’t worry too much about how the photos will turn out. What matters is that you both enjoy the shoot. 

As you go through the photo shoot, I hope you don’t worry too much about how the photos will turn out. Let the moment do its magic, and it’s yours to enjoy and adore. After all, what matters is that both of you are having fun. Remember, this is a celebration of a massive milestone in your life. It’s yours to cherish and experience. Congrats on your engagement! 

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for DS Colour Labs Ltd (DSCL), a professional photography lab that offers a vast range of products and services for photo and print needs.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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