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How to Design Candle Boxes?

How to Design Candle Boxes?

When you’re selling candles or other goods, you’ll want your boxes to be unique and memorable. While plain, standard boxes won’t win you any sales, custom packaging boxes are the ultimate solution. Not only do you get your product packaged in a box you design yourself, you can also add a gift box and more! Whether you’re looking for the perfect candle box for your product or are in need of some packaging inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Printed Candle Boxes

If you’re in the market for new promotional products, consider creating custom printed candle boxes. Candle gift boxes are a great way to convey the highest level of quality to customers. Candle boxes are elegant and have an upscale feel that customers will appreciate. The packaging style is also an excellent choice for holiday scents and promotional products that are similar to candles. To learn more about the customization options available, click here. Also, make sure to check out the design tips below!

Corrugated cardboard

Printed on corrugated cardboard for candle boxes, they are a great choice for custom packaging your candles. Corrugated cardboard is highly resistant to external impact, and is designed to withstand multiple handling during transit. You can choose from various finishes, such as glossy or matte. You can also choose to add a protective glossy coating to the outer surface. Your boxes will stand out on display, and your candles will be protected and displayed to the best of their ability.

Single-layer cardstock

Cardstock is a thick paper that is commonly used for printing, crafting, and other purposes. Candle boxes are often made from cardstock because it is resistant to tearing, and it contains cotton fibers that resist flame and heat. A rigid material like cardboard or plastic is also recommended for candle boxes. It will keep candles securely in place while still being attractive. These are just a few of the many types of paper available.

Hot foil stamping

Candle boxes are an effective packaging solution for cosmetics and beauty products. Made of 1200 GSM rigid or 157 GSM art paper, they are sturdy enough to hold any products. They are decorated with a silk bowtie and shredded tissue paper holder, as well as a black hot foil stamping logo. If you want to customize the design of your candle boxes, you can combine hot and cold foil stamping processes.

3D logo embossing

If you want to create an eye-catching, professional-looking packaging for your candles, 3D logo embossing on your candle boxes may be the way to go. Candles are often packaged in simple, elegant boxes. This packaging style is strong, with a high-quality print of the product image and clear instructions. You can use different types of textures to create your branding on your candle boxes.


Tulle for Custom boxes in usa comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Tulle circles, for example, are 15 inches in diameter, have a scalloped edge, and can be tied together with ribbon. There are several types of tulle available, and many of them come in sets of three to ten. You can make your own unique design by combining the tulle with other decorative materials. To make a unique box, try a tulle-covered box.

Cello packaging

If you want to use clear plastic containers for presenting your candles, cello packaging is the perfect option. This biodegradable material is often used as a wrap for food products. Designed to be clear and stylish, these bags come in many sizes and patterns, making them an ideal choice for gift wrapping. They are also cost-effective, especially for high-volume packaging. Cellos are often used to wrap candles and other products, including small items.

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