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Marketing plan for a restaurant

Creat a Marketing restaurant plan

What you will read in this article will not be the classic marketing plan linked to detailed market research, business plans, SWOT analysis, etc. Instead, the method described by the program team will be based on a modern vision, where a restaurant does not always follow its original offer to the letter. Still, experiments adapt and transform themselves according to their economic possibilities, natural events or pandemics (for example, the Coronavirus), lack of staff, or problems that imply the correct productivity of the restaurant.

So let’s remember before leaving, scalability first and foremost: if I have a budget, I invest it in a targeted way (marketing, events, new dishes, etc.), but if I’m in crisis or I don’t have a budget, I have to be able to run the hut on my own, this means easily turning my business into running.

We specify that this does not mean that drawing up a business plan or conducting market research is wrong. Instead, we took the liberty of giving only an opinion and our “evaluation” on the matter.

So made this premise. Let’s start!

Before starting, let me explain who I am. Just give me 4 seconds.

My name is Anthony Bella, and I have been involved in food marketing since 2016. I help pizzerias to promote themselves and increase customers and turnover. After obtaining my Master’s in communication and marketing in Padua, I specialized more and more in my great passion: food!

I also had my restaurant-pizzeria in the past. It taught me a lot about how things work in this world, but above all, I acquired the techniques and skills to make my customers, owners of pizzerias, fill up.

But let’s move on. This might interest you:

I created a Facebook group to learn how to promote your pizzeria!

What do I need to do to register?

It is all very simple. Click here to request immediate registration.

In our group, marketing for pizzerias, you will discover content to promote your pizzeria, guides, strategies, and marketing tips. You will also have access to the best articles from where you can learn all the secret promotion techniques and the opportunity to interact with the community to exchange ideas and opinions.

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Ok, now we can start with the article.

Your idea and your competitors

The premise in the paragraph above is not trivial. We consider the traditional marketing plans an activity of other times, too linked to an economic-social-financial stability present above all up to ten years ago and to a greater extent up to the early 90s.

Let’s face it. The world has changed. When the economy changes, society also ends up changing. It follows that communication and the way of dealing with customers cannot be the same as in the past and even your offer of dishes will have to adapt to current standards, without losing the personality you want to give it.

A marketing Business plan for a restaurant starts from the idea and the project that the owner wants to consider. It is you who will give a personal touch to your business. If you follow some simple tips that you will find in the next paragraphs, you will transform your restaurant into a brand. For more information click here.


Cit. Andrea Calcaneal

The concept of brand

Indeed, there is a restaurant and a restaurant. What is the difference? In the first case, we are talking about a place without a “soul,” not because the food is bad or the staff is rude. The concept is that it does not have those characteristics that distinguish it from its competitors. Let’s take an example: when you eat at the Old Wild West, you are not simply choosing to go to any restaurant, but you are more directed to enter a western temple with those country details like in old American movies from the far west. Everything is perfectly in theme (the so-called mood), from the furniture, the logo, the menu, and the details scattered here and there in the room. There is homogeneity.

All these elements are the same that you must implement in your restaurant to differentiate it from the crowd. It will be up to you to decide the type of theme to apply: luxury restaurant? Youth? Folkloristic? Trattoria? Please choose the soul and the music carefully to dress it up, then create a correct coordinated image of your place (furniture, logo, menu, website, personalized professional clothing, etc …).

But be careful. This does not mean that you do not have to analyze the competition, understand their offer, the catchment area, the target (as long as we have a specific one), prices, etc. However, everything is good, and monitoring our “neighbors” is one of the activities we should always keep in mind so as not to enter our bubble and see things only from the side of our restaurant.

Agencies and graphic designers, attention!

As you may have guessed, there are processes you cannot carry out unless you are a professional. For example, is it your competence to create a logo? A website? A menu and graphic layout? Perhaps you are more inclined to choose furniture, but for everything related to marketing, advertising, and graphics, you must contact a professional (freelance) or a graphic agency.

Be careful not to underestimate this step! Until about ten years ago (or rather today, some people still do it), the entrusting of the coordinated image and therefore of the essence of the brand was assigned, by entrepreneurs, to children or people who: “cost little for the work they do,” producing catastrophic results.

How do you distinguish a serious professional or agency from a novice? Simple, from how the commissioned works are presented to you. Let’s face it, you can have all the inventiveness in the world, but the construction of a logo, a menu, and the brand image must reflect the values, objectives, and “dreams” that the entrepreneur wants to convey to his local. This is why a logo, before being created, must be thought about, analyzed in its forms, and explained, where for the explanation, it is enough to look at it to understand what I will find inside that place, exactly like the Old Wild West with its typically western logo.

Please visit this website to read additional articles.

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