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Professional boat wraps in Ohio Florida

Ocean Wraps

Want to make a statement ? Ocean Wraps offers several different solutions for transforming your car or boat, from solid, single color boat wraps to completely custom designed boat wraps. We can work with you to create the perfect design for your vessel, whether you have a complete concept in mind or just an idea of a style or feeling you want to achieve. Our boat wraps stand out in the crowd.

We can both create and expertly apply our custom boat wraps for you. We offer the newest and most up-to-date installation techniques and knowledge of all materials like 3M, HEXIS, ORAFOL, AVERY. Looking for a complete remodel? In addition to our exterior options, we can also upgrade your boat interiors!

Custom Boat Wraps with Eye Catching designs!

Regardless of the size of boat, or the purpose for getting a boat wrap, we can provide an attractive, solution for you. Sport Fishing Boats often have flashy graphics that can include sponsor names and logos, or distinct designs that help them stand out. We can create a custom designed fishing boat wrap that will not only transform your boat, but will make you the talk of the water. Make your team and sponsors proud with unique looks that will capture your audience’s attention!


For detailed instructions on how to wrap your boat see our how to guide here.


Possibly the most important step before you wrap your boat is the cleaning stage. Your boat must be free from wax and polishes as well as any dirt, grime, silicone and sticker residue. You should first wash your boat thoroughly with a pH neutral wash. Allow it to dry completely before wiping down the sides with wax and grease remover then isopropyl alcohol watered down to 70%. These cleaners can be purchased from any hardware store.


Using knifeless tape instead of a utility knife to trim the edges of the wrap is important so that you do not mark your boat with the blade of a knife. This is especially important on fiberglass boats or painted aluminum boats. If one day you decide to remove the wrap you don’t want to see knife marks on your boat!

hen applying the vinyl wrap it is important to take your time and do not panic. If possible, get a friend to help you hold the vinyl while you apply it to the boat. Our Avery Dennison wrap film is very forgiving and can be lifted and reapplied as you go. Creases and bubbles can be easily removed with the aid of a heat gun. Use the squeegee provided in your boat wrap kit to apply the vinyl to the surface of the boat. Work from the center down towards the bottom of the boat then squeegee up towards the gunwale.

Once the wrap is applied and you have cut around the edges using the knifeless tape, you need to apply the edge seal tape to prevent water getting underneath the wrap. The water pressure can force water under the edges of the wrap and cause it to lift. The edge seal tape prevents this.

You can then apply your registration number stickers to either side of the boat on top of the wrap. Make sure when you place your registration stickers they are above the waterline and clearly visible from a distance of at least 30 meters.


Ocean Wraps offers several different solutions for transforming your car or boat, from solid, single color boat wraps to completely custom designed boat wraps.

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