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Top 8 Treks in Mumbai

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On our screens, we are continually presented the “real world,” but when we are out on the path, we are confronted with the realities. Not everyone who wanders is lost. Travelholics should never stop exploring. Don’t get the hike mixed up with the destination. Nature’s sights and miracles are the focus of the voyage. Mumbai, the city of dreams and a major tourism hub, is the ideal place to start your thousand-mile journey. So you’re undecided about where to go trekking in Mumbai? Okay, here are five of Mumbai’s best hikes that will convince you that “hiking and happiness actually go hand in hand.”

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Rajmachi Fort Trek

The mediaeval fort of Rajmachi is located on the Mumbai-Pune route. The trek to this fort is moderately difficult. The location is blessed with stunning vistas, nestled among lush green meadows and hazy mist. The walk might begin at either the Kondane Caves or the Tungarli Lake. Trekking during the monsoon season is not recommended due to the trail’s slick, steep terrain and landslides. The main attraction of this fort is the fireflies. During the night, they are plainly visible. There are other shelter homes in the area where you can take a break. If you have a spare day, explore the Kataldhar Waterfall Trek, which is located in the same region. The stunning vistas of the deep jungle that leads to this tumbling waterfall that resembles gleaming diamonds will fascinate you.

Lohagad Trek

So thrill seekers and history buffs prepare to see the magnificent fort nestled at an incredible elevation of 3400 feet. The World Heritage Site of the 18th century is a magnificent blend of beauty and history. It’s a gentle incline, similar to a leisurely stroll. Observe the place’s ethereal splendour, verdant meadows, and gushing waterfall. Allow yourself to be entertained by the cloudy game. The fantastical fort has four entrances, each with a slightly different perspective. Spend quality time at the fort and treasure the memories.

Visapur Fort Trek

Take in the breathtaking views from this quila. It is a fantastic site for trekkers.Take a dip in the waterfall and The charm of this fort is not only in its gorgeous panoramas, but also in the people’s glad hearts. The fort can be reached by many paths. The track may easily be finished in 3–4 hours, however it is well worth the effort if you pick this option. You can also go camping here to refresh your mind and spirit. This quila is surrounded by several fascinating forts and temples. Overall, it is a lovely location that will capture your heart.

Kalsubai Trek

Do you want to go trekking on one of Maharashtra’s highest peaks? The Kalsubai Trek in Maharashtra’s Shaydari Range is an ideal leisure retreat for all trekkers. The hike is moderately challenging. The journey begins in Bari Village. The trail’s main highlight is the Ladder part, which is both difficult and thrilling. The ladder steps are quite steep, and crossing them requires extreme caution. It’s the ideal combination of faith and beauty. You get to walk across grassland that is surrounded by a variety of beautiful flowers. Another stunning vista that nature enthusiasts enjoy is the dawn and sunset. The Kalsubai hike is the most difficult because it is encircled by many forts. If you are also looking treks in Uttarakhand and Kashmir then Valley of flowers trek and Kashmir Great Lakes trek are best.

Devkund Trek

In the Raigad district, there is a turquoise blue cascading waterfall. So make your way up to the lovely waterfall. The combination of three waterfalls can be enjoyed and witnessed here. The entire scene is breathtaking and panoramic. Exploring the region where you can feel fantastic and peaceful is a feast. Relax by taking a soak in the waterfall. Enjoy the trek and stop by Bhira Dam and Tamini Ghat along route, but keep your essentials in your bag.

Alang Fort Trek

Ambewadi, Maharashtra’s Alang Fort is a renowned trekking destination. The route connects two twin forts, Madan and Kulang, and is known as the AMK trek route. It is one of the most demanding hikes, and it is not recommended for beginners. If you are a beginner, it is not a solo walk; however, if you are desperate to explore the area, you can hire local guides. The view is unusual and breathtaking since the three forts together resemble a half-moon. The forest segment of the journey path is a hidden gem, with seasonal streams and a diverse range of plants and fauna. Long walks reconnect you with nature and restore your energy.

Umbrella Falls Trek

The Umbrella Falls are located 500 metres from the Bhandarara Bus Station in Maharashtra. From a height of 500 feet, the turquoise blue cascading waterfalls. The vista is breathtaking. If you choose to go trekking, the trail will take you around an hour to finish. Trekking allows you to take in the cool breeze, experience the sights, and relax in the peaceful surroundings. What’s this? Wilson Dam’s overflowing water gushes out and creates an umbrella-like image, which is nothing compared to Umbrella Falls. The water will be used for irrigation. From the ridge’s centre, you can take in the entire scenic panorama. However, camping near the forest is also possible.

Kune Waterfalls Trail

The Kune Waterfalls are India’s 14th highest waterfall. It is centrally located in Lonavala. The entire scene appears to be a landscape. Visiting such an ethereal beauty is a joyful experience. So hurry up before the clock runs out.

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