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All About KIA Models

Used KIA auto parts

KIA (Korea International Automotive) is a car manufacturer. KIA Models Corporation, based in Seoul, was founded in 1944 and has produced some of Korea’s most popular automobile brands. It has been producing bicycles and motorcycles for over 90 years. They have grown to become the world’s fifth-largest car manufacturer in terms of production through their dynamic global Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.

used kia auto parts


In 1973, Kia began manufacturing vehicles for the Korean market, specifically in the Yeongdeungpo-gu district of Seoul, South Korea. This year marks a significant milestone in the long and illustrious history of a now-global automaker, but the story begins much earlier. Here are some significant dates in the Kia brand’s history:

  • 1951: The Kia brand, which was previously in the steel business, replacing bike parts and pipes, decides to begin producing their own bikes.
  • 1952: The company adopts the name “Kia” and expands into motorcycle manufacturing.
  • 1962: Kia Motors produces its first commercial vehicle.
  • 1992: Kia Motors enters the US market, resulting in 30 Kia dealerships in the country.

Manufacturing Locations

After all, Kia has been a part of the North American car ecosystem since its fateful 1992 entry into the American market. So, they are made in one of three places:

  • The headquarters are located in Seoul, South Korea.
  • West Point, Georgia, is a manufacturing plant in the United States.
  • Another manufacturing plant is located in Zilina, Slovakia.

Are Kia parts OEM

OEM  is an abbreviation for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” This means that OEM KIA parts are manufactured by KIA and its partners, and therefore, they are held to the same high standards as the parts that came with the vehicle originally.

Does Kia manufacture their own engines?

Kia is currently using Hyundai Motor Co engines. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is headquartered in Korea. Furthermore, the global engine joint venture was formed by Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and DaimlerChrysler AG.

What Kinds of Engines Do Kias Have?

3L, 3. 8L, and 5L.  There is no doubt that Kia’s products are of the highest quality among the high-quality and reliable engine and transmission technologies available.

Is the Kia engine the same as the Hyundai engine?

Kia is a subsidiary of Kia Motor Company, in addition to Hyundai Motor Group. Kia and Hyundai, as distinct brands, follow their own brand philosophy. It can be seen that they are related, but not identical for the most part.

Are Kia Engines Reliable?

The short answer is that Kia vehicles are reliable. Kia’s reputation in the United States has changed dramatically in the nearly two decades since it first entered the market. Kia, which has a high RepairPal reliability rating, may not have many mechanical issues simply because they have a high RepairPal rating.

What items are not covered by the Kia New Vehicle Warranty?

What are the exclusions from the Kia New Vehicle Warranty?

Costs for scheduled maintenance as outlined in the Owner’s Manual.

Damages caused by factors outside of the manufacturer’s control:

Misuse of the KIA vehicle, including driving over curbs, overloading, racing, and so on.

Accidents such as collisions, fires, theft, and so on.

Acid rain, airborne fallout (chemicals, tree sap, etc.), salt, road hazards, hail, wind storm, lightning, and acts of God can all cause surface corrosion.

Cosmetic flaws or surface corrosion caused by stone chips or scratches in the paint.

Any damage caused by a lack of maintenance or the use of incompatible fuel, oil, or lubricants, such as:

Inadequate maintenance as described in your Owner’s Manual.

Improper maintenance or the use of oil or lubricants other than those specified in your Owner’s Manual.

Use of fuel other than that specified, poor fuel quality, or fuel contamination

Typical deterioration

Discoloration, fading, deformation, and other signs of normal wear and tear

Surface corrosion on any part of a KIA vehicle other than the body sheet metal panels that form the exterior appearance.

Any damage caused by the use of a non-genuine KIA part or accessory.

Any defects caused by repairs or replacements performed by someone other than a KIA Authorised Dealer.

Any damage that is considered normal maintenance, such as cleaning and polishing.

As a result of normal wear and tear, oil, fluids, coolant, wiper blades, fan belts, filters, brake and clutch linings, spark plugs, light globes, gaskets, and so on must be replenished or replaced.

In your Owner’s Manual, maintenance services are referred to as ‘Scheduled Maintenance Service,’ ‘Owner Maintenance Service,’ or ‘Appearance Care.’

Adjustments such as brake and clutch adjustment, headlamp adjustment, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, engine adjustment, and so on.

Any monetary loss. This includes, but is not limited to, compensation for lost use of the KIA Vehicle, lodging, car rentals, travel costs, lost wages, and other expenses or damages.

Vehicles with erroneous odometer readings. Any KIA vehicle repair in which the odometer has been tampered with or the actual distance traveled cannot be easily determined.

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