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How much do builders earn?

A builder is a relevant and interesting profession, which is built on the creation of new objects a little more than completely. New facilities are being built every day in Pakistan, so it is hardly surprising that such specialists are constantly required to work! Are they offered good wages or not? How much does a builder get? Need to find out!

What affects the earnings of a builder?

To find out how much they earn at a construction site, you will need to take into account several factors that affect the final indicators. They look like this:


The first thing that affects how much a builder earns per month is the region where he lives. In the case of Islamabad and Lahore, of course, they pay much more than in other regions of the country. Sometimes the difference can reach up to two or three multipliers.


A builder is a rather vague concept, to which absolutely any person can be attributed. That is, a person who lays bricks and one who operates an excavator, roughly speaking, belong to the same category. However, their salaries are different, and dramatically! Therefore, the final indicators are influenced by which direction of activity was chosen. The more difficult it is, the higher the income and vice versa.


Of course, the education factor also influences the final figures. There is both highly qualified and ordinary personnel at the construction site. Depending on this, wages vary.

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Those who have a higher education diploma are paid much more, and this has always been the case.


At any construction site, no matter what is mentioned, there are various positions, as it happens in a regular job. Depending on this, wages vary.

An object. 

Depending on the complexity of the object being built, the wages of such specialists also vary. Therefore, complex projects have always paid and will pay much more.

All these factors must be taken into account to find out the final income of the builder. It is worth going to it right now.

Earnings of builders in Pakistan and another country

If we talk about the average indicators for the country, then they are at around 40 thousand rupees. Most of all, on average, they pay in the following cities:

  • Islamabad – 65,000 rupees
  • Lahore – 55,000  rupees
  • Karachi – 54,000  rupees
  • Multan – 52,000  rupees
  • Faisalabad- 49,000  rupees
  • Murree – 49,000  rupees

Nothing is surprising in the fact that the most paid in large cities, where there is a regular need to use the services of a builder.

In other countries, in turn, the situation is radically different:

  • Germany – $2,000 per month;
  • Belgium – $1,800 per month;
  • France – $1,700 per month;
  • USA – $2,100 per month;
  • United Kingdom – $2,100 per month.

These are average figures. However, you should not take them into account, because most builders in other countries receive even more money. For example, in the US, ordinary workers, with the necessary amount of effort, can earn about 5000-7000 dollars.

In general, the profession of a builder is really in great demand and will not lose its relevance in the future. Therefore, it is definitely worth paying attention to everyone who is thinking about which direction of activity to go in the future!

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