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Looking for the Top Management Institute for Completing Your MBA?

Why MBA is important?

Many young professionals and field experts consider MBA as an important aspect of career advancement. Students pursue a management career to get better career opportunities in the business field. In MBA, students explore a variety of subjects and management thesis topics that helped to gain better learning experiences. It helps in developing a wide range of professional skills that will be helpful in gaining career opportunities. From leadership skills to critical thinking, pursuing MBA will help you gain a clear professional focus.

However, selecting the right institute for completing MBA can positively influence your professional development. There are numerous institutes across the world that is offering MBA programs. This article provides insight into the top 10 management institutes for completing an MBA program. It will help you to observe the best management schools applying for MBA. So, if you’re planning to complete MBA from renowned institutes then have a look at this list.

Top Management Institute for Completing your MBA

MBA is known to be a popular academic qualification across the world. It is because the MBA program offers specialization in different management fields. Students want to pursue a career in those universities that helps to achieve their career goals (masteressaywriters, 2019). If you’ve planned to follow a management career path then selecting the best MBA institute is important. Following are the top 10 Management Institutes worldwide that you can select for completing MBA.

§  Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is one of the best institutes that offer MBA programs in different disciplines. HBS ranked fourth and has the second highest score in terms of employability. This institute is the originator of MBA which run the first world MBA program in 1908. Also, it produces approximately 80% of business cases that are sold worldwide.

Moreover, the research department of HBS is very strong and students are working on different topics. For instance, if you want to pursue MBA in accounting then you can take an Accounting thesis help to improve your academic performance. If you’re looking for the best Management Institute in the US then you should go for HBS.

§  London Business School

London Business School is known to be the only British business school that ranks in the top 10 global ranking lists. The MBA program is comprised of 21 months period and students all over from world apply here. 91% of the students in LBS are international students which are quite impressive. Also, LBS provides professional networking opportunities for students to connect with top global business companies.


INSEAD is also known to be one of the best Management Institutes offering an MBA program. This school has a very high ROI and is reported to have a 100% increase in MBA graduates’ salaries. It provides an opportunity for students to study in a cross-culture environment. The MBA program of INSEAD offers excellent career opportunities, a diverse business network, and academic precision. There are three campuses of this institute located in Abu Dhabi, Fontainebleau, and Singapore.

§  SDA Bocconi School of Management

This Management Institute stands among the best European Institutes that are offering MBA programs. Located in Italy, the school has brilliant teaching faculty and more than a hundred MBA students. SDA Bocconi School of Management provides a highly diverse environment for students. The MBA program is also customisable and students from different nations applied here due to excellent investme

§  University of Cambridge Judge Business School

It is the Business School of Cambridge University that provides the best management education. Candidates all over the world apply here and MBA students acclaimed that it provides excellent learning opportunities.  It is reported that networking opportunities help the student to build different skills for professional development (Velinov et al., 2020). Therefore, this school provides a platform for a global alumni network where MBA graduates meet different professionals.

§  HEC Paris

The MBA program of HEC Paris gains the second highest score in the ROI rankings. It is also the first French Business School that ranks in the global top 10 Management Institutes. HEC offers a 15-month MBA program that mainly focused on developing key business skills among students. Also, this school comprises 93% of international students coming from diverse professional backgrounds. If you are planning to pursue a management career in France, then go for HEC Paris.

§  IE Business School

This school is located in Spain and it ranked 8th among global MBA business schools in 2019. The school provides an innovative culture for MBA students to have better learning experiences. It also facilitates an online learning platform in the presence of experts. IE Business School offers one year MBA program that can lead to the potential career development of students.

§  The Wharton School

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and achieved the highest score in terms of employability ranking. It offers a 21-month long MBA program which also includes a summer internship. Students have the opportunity to choose majors and complete summer internship programs for better career opportunities. The acceptance rate of this institute is only 19% that shows candidates face tough competition.

§  Stanford University

The Business School of SU is also one of the best US-based institutes for seeking an MBA. However, the acceptance rate is very low i.e. 8.9% only. If you’re a brilliant student with having undergraduate GPA of 3.8 then you have a chance to get accepted. The university offers a full-time MBA program and enrolls more than 800 students. Moreover, MBA graduates from SU have the highest chance to get highly paid positions.

§  Saïd Business School

Lastly, Said Business School of the University of Oxford is consistently ranked among the world’s best business schools. It offers an MBA program where students come from different international backgrounds. The global MBA ranking list of Financial Times reveals that Said Business School placed 17th position in the world.

In conclusion

This article will help you to narrow down the list of top Management Institutes that are offering MBA programs. Before applying to any Business School, make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria of that institute. Selecting any of these institutes will not only improve your academic performance but also widens your professional career horizon.


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