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How to open the door if the lock is stuck

Open the door lock, which locks, it is very likely with your hands, if you choose the right tools for the job door structure is designed to protect the apartment from unwanted penetration. However, it happens because he cannot get himself the house owner due to a failed lock or forgotten keys in the house. What to do in this situation? There are several ways to break the lock without the help of a driver, but they must be used carefully; otherwise, you risk damaging the locking mechanism.

The front door lock is locked: what to do and why it happened

The front door lock is a reliable mechanism protecting your apartment from piracy and intrusion. However, if this happens so that the apartment owner can not open the door, then such a protective function will not play into your hands.

If you can not enter the apartment due to a forgotten key, the lock can be opened with a nail or other improvised means. However, if the door lock gets stuck, you must first find out the cause of the failure and only then act.

You can use improvised materials, such as a pin or brooch to open the locked lock.

Often, the lock on the front door is blocked due to errors made during the installation of the door structure. To avoid such a problem, it is necessary to know the moments that can lead to the jamming of the doors.

Due to what the door lock may break:

  1. If the door is too heavy, two loops may not be enough to hold it. It is because of this that the castle can begin to occupy.
  2. The hinges are not at the same level, making the door insufficiently flat. In this case, the canvas will be challenging to open, and the lock will break quickly.
  3. Low-quality rubber seals can wear out quickly, which will prevent the lock from working. Try not to use Chinese hardware when installing the door to avoid this problem.
  4. If the gap between the iron door frame and the door is too small, you run the risk of getting a permanently locked lock.
  5. Also, this problem can arise incorrectly from door cash. To not try to find out why the lock is locking, take responsibility for all stages of the door installation.

Bulgarian break the lock can be a foreign click when opening the door, bypassing the key or tight closing mechanism. If you see one of the signs, it is better not to delay to call a master who will help you understand the cause of the malfunction.

Different technical problems, and how to open the door lock with them

The reasons why the lock can be very involved. Often find out for sure because what locks the door is impossible. We will describe different ways to hide the lock for other cases. You can try some of them.

In many cases, the wooden door does not open due to tearing or swelling

What to do if the lock is locked:

  • If the wooden door does not open, it may swell due to high humidity. In this case, it must be dried with the help of heaters. After which, it will sit for a while, and the lock will open. The open door must be cleaned of expanded paint and imperfections in deformed areas.
  • Also, sometimes, the door does not open due to the slope. It can happen due to weak loops, which can not withstand the weight of the canvas. To eliminate such a problem, you need to place a screwdriver in all the notches of the door and roll it. Where the screwdriver will sit firmly, and the problem lies. At this point, you need to place a wooden or metal lever, like the screwdriver itself, and lift the door, trying to put it in place. Once the problem is resolved, you can check if the key is turned on the lock. If so, the reason is.
  • If the key is off but the door still does not open, it is most likely on the rod. You can safely use a plastic card, ruler, or knife when this item is stuck. First, the card is inserted into the gap between the web and the box. Next, the latch is pressed on the door with the help of a card. And at this moment, the handle is lowered, and the door is opened. If the interior door lock breaks from the inside, the same tools will help you. This way, you can break the lock without damaging it.
  • Finding yourself in the apartment would not be easy if you opened the lock and broke the key. You can try to get the key pieces through the drills by using a puzzle, but you will probably need to remove it from the door by its hinges.
  • If the door closes when it knocks and the person forgets to remove the key, you must push it behind the lock. You can use a thin needle or a long thick needle to do this. If there is ample space under the door to pass a key, a newspaper is inserted into it to open the lock with a fallen tool.

Possible to open the door

It is possible to open the door yourself. One of the above methods, in all probability, is suitable for your case.

If the balcony door closes, you should immediately call the emergency department if your toddler can not enter the apartment from this dangerous room. Then, while you need help, you can try to open the door yourself.

If you can not get into the apartment, but you have nowhere to hurry, better wait for the arrival of the master. Regardless of the hacking of the lock, you can accidentally break the door.

The lock on the iron door broke: how to open it

If you are sure that the door lock is locked, be prepared not to do the most enjoyable tasks. The fact is that the broken locking mechanism can not always be repaired without damaging the door leaf.

Like all metal mechanisms, locks need careful care. If the key turns and the lock does not open, try lubricating the metal structure with oil or kerosene before lubricating.

After trying to open the metal door with a key, get the lock and make sure no foreign objects are entered, you can proceed to the disassembly of the broken mechanism. Changing the lock then will not be very difficult.

If you can not open the lock on the iron door, then you can try to lubricate it with oil

What to do if the English castle gets stuck:

  • The first thing to do with a drill removes the cylindrical mechanism.
  • Further, the lock larva is removed.
  • The drive is pierced with wire, and the bolts must be inserted into the housing.

If you do not have a tool to drill a cylindrical mechanism, lock the metal object and hit it with a hammer. If the impact were strong enough, the internal mechanism would have to fly out.

A safe with a mechanical lock can be opened with the method we described. There are now warehouses for valuables with more reliable combination locks.

Also, the locks are opened by removing the handle and pressing the locking mechanism. By the way, a damaged handle or door is a sure sign of an unauthorized hacker.

How to open a door lock with a hairpin or screwdriver

If you can not enter the apartment, not because of a lock, but because you forgot or lost the key, you can open the door with a hairpin or screwdriver. A thin but strong wire or binder may also appear.

An expert Locksmith in Tampa, FL, recommends using a solid screwdriver to open the door lock.

If the door needs to be opened with a lever lock, the door should be pulled up pushed into the locking wire that moves the levers. Such a mechanism usually has interior doors.

An unlocked hair tricolor can also open the roller lock. For this, a thin hole must be drilled above the drill, parts of the barrette are pushed. Finally, one aspect needs to lift the cap and the other to push the bolt.

Almost any lock can be opened with the most common screwdriver. To do this, unscrew the top of the locking mechanism, insert a screwdriver into the drill bit and turn carefully. By the way, this method is also suitable if you have a broken door handle.

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