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Ways To Style Your Short Bob Wigs

Who says short hairstyles are incredibly boring? Not us! You can style human hair, short bob wigs, and hair in many ways! When you truly want to create an impression or stand out in a crowd, short hairstyles with human hair wigs are the way!

Whether accented with red, purple, or blonde, you can flaunt many jaw-dropping short hairstyles with human hair and short curly wigs

Modern Finger Wave With Human Hair Short Bob Wig 

short curly wigs

Finger wave hairstyles are a classic, and there’s an old-timey charm to the look. It is the perfect way to style your human hair in short bob wigs! Here is a quick guide to finger-wave styling your short bob hair wig.

  • After your wig is detangled, dampen your short hair wig. For this look, it’s easier to achieve the finger wave hairstyle with a short wavy wig. 
  • Apply mousse throughout the strands and use a fine-tooth comb to brush the wig. 
  • Press the base of the section and use the comb to mold the finger wave pattern. 
  • Use duckbill clips to keep the spiral waves in place and put the wig under the hooded dryer. 
  • Install your wig as usual once the wig is dry and the style has molded! 

Tip: Use hairspray to hold the finger waves. 

Sleek Parted Style With Straight Bob Wig

short bob style

This gorgeous hairstyle with straight human hair and short bob wigs features a sleek bob-length look with a side parting. Although the parting is subtle, it will liven up your features instantly and hold the entire look together. It is one of the best and quick styles you can wear.

Follow these straightforward steps to recreate bob style wigs with sleek style:

  • Prep your hair, detangle the wig and install it.  
  • Once your wig is secured, use a rat tail comb to create the side parting.
  • Use styling wax and a hot comb to flatten the hair along the straight hairline. 
  • Use a bit of mousse and comb the wig to achieve a sleeker result. Alternatively, you can use a flat iron. 
  • Finish the look with hairspray, and it’s done! 

Effortlessly Layered With Human Hair Short Bob Wig

short curly wigs

The effortlessly layered hairstyle is a look you need to try with your 12 or 14″ human hair short bob wigs. The center parting has a hint of lift, making the hairstyle look natural, and the layers frame your face beautifully.

Steps to follow to style your human hair short bob wigs:

  • Put the wig on a mannequin head, secure it, and use scissors to create the soft layers. 
  • Install and secure your bob hair wig. 
  • Trim the excess lace off and glue everything down. 
  • Use a hot comb to create a subtle lift towards the front section. 
  • Straighten your hair and complete the look with a finishing spray. 

Chocolate Caramel Bob Wigs

curly hair wigs

This sassy hairstyle with bob wigs has contrasting colors that melt into each other. The curly ends bring out the caramel color, add volume, and make you look unforgettable. Or you can also choose curly hair color ideas on your wigs.

Follow these easy steps to style your short bob wig!

  • Prep your natural hair and install the bob wig.
  • Use a rat-tail comb to create a side parting.
  • Use a curler to curl your body wave bob wig.
  • Finish the look with a styling spray, and you are done. 

These are a few easy ways to style your human hair short bob wigs and make a lasting impression! Bob wigs allow you to achieve a fresh, modern, and youthful look without cutting your hair.

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