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Why Google Calendar Integration with SugarCRM is Important

Our exhaustive research says CRM Businesses are killing their productivity and making a few of their operations hectic for their team. What are the operations?

See, companies adapt tools like Google Calendar Intgeration to manage their day-to-day events, calls, and meetings with the client. After this, they separately manage the information in SugarCRM. In short, they manage both platforms simultaneously to update everything on time. Here we would say you are making a complicated process that results in frustration only. Also, if you keep your business team in this task then who is going to handle other effective tasks to evolve the company. 

Do you need something that can handle this unproductive task? If yes, then join us on this guided tour of the SugarCRM Google Calendar Integration (Lite version) product. 

SugarCRM Google Calendar sync Definition

Outright Store launched a great product called “Google Calendar Integration with SugarCRM” which saves your work hours by updating everything in real-time. The purpose behind introducing this extension is to provide you with bi-directional synchronization of meetings and calls on both these platforms. So, if you choose Google calendar to add/update/delete any meetings, and calls, SugarCRM automatically gets updated and vice-versa.

You need to fret no longer about who is going to update and manage both platforms at the same time. The product is so advanced that it updates everything in real-time with no delay at all. 

Does it support adjusting the Time zone? 

You not only deal with the leads who live near to you but you have a bunch of international leads as well. Maybe it’s challenging for your company to keep managing the time zone of your international clients. But don’t worry, we got a permanent solution to eliminate your burden. 

The Product called Google Calendar SuiteCRM integration is a great help here. It will adjust the time zone of every client who deals with you. Ultimately, you can also synchronize your future meeting days. Yes, this extension is providing such great benefits to your company. A user here can sync 60 days of future meetings.

Sync Calls and Tasks too  

The product is not just for real-time bi-directional synchronization for your business meetings. A user can sync all his/her Calls and Tasks. To handle this, you must use the identifier here. We can share the example to clarify: “Call: Steve” or “Task: Steve task”. 

What’s more to know? Any other salient feature? 

We will explain to you the functionality of adding attendee/guest.

Suppose your attendees are already in SugarCRM modules. Then there is no point to go for any long-winded method. You can simply search by name and can add the attendee/guest swiftly by using our product. But if you see that the attendee/guest is not available at the modules then add him/her by 

What if you need a Daily report? Do any of your team members want to track all this for some reason? Our plugin is very supportive here too. It will deliver daily report meeting schedules at your desired email address. Details such as the number of calls, meetings, etc will be shared. 

Note: In the Lite version of the Google Calendar Integration product, one person only can sync all the meetings with other users of SugarCRM. 

Start with a Risk-Free Trial 

We believe before you keep this product for a lifetime you must adopt the 3 days risk-free trial. It enables you to understand the product better. Also, this plugin is for unlimited users. We can also offer a Free Product Tour service. The importance of product tour service is making it clear to you related to installation and Configuration. 

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Purchase the best SuiteCRM and SugarCRM extensions from Outright Store. We have built some amazing products for your CRM business that are easy to install and offering some excellent features. Your business needs great add-ons for handling every single operation. So, we have all amazing free and paid products for your CRM. Try some rich addons like Email to Lead, Global hide manager, Email drip campaign, Twilio click to call, Database backup and restore, User activity monitor, and more. Even if you need any assistance related to your versatile CRM, then we can help you. The team can offer the services such as data migration, installation, integration, and more.

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