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Vastu Tips for A Factory Main Gate

Vastu Shastra, or the science of space, is a scientific practice that aims to create balance in the five elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air, and space. The main gate acts as the entry way for energies. Just as our body grows and functions in accordance with the type of food we consume, similarly, the factory grows in accordance with the type of energies entering the premises.

For prosperity purposes it’s essential that you have more windows which allow daylight & sunlight to enter your premises which will help keep your property protected from negative energies. Plan the main gate of a factory as per Vastu in an auspicious direction to attract more business opportunities and serve wealth for the factory owners. 

Why Vastu is important

Vastu is an ancient Indian Vedic discipline that studies and explains the relationships among objects and building so they will work in harmony. The principles of Vastu are applied to a building’s design & construction, as well as how people function within a space. It’s important to keep your workplace safe by using the principles of Vastu, including placing the main entrance on an auspicious side of the building.

 What needs to be taken into consideration in a factory?

The main gate of a factory is the symbol of success for any industrial business. Design the factory’s main gate in accordance with the layout and features of the entire factory, so that it not only provides protection for the majority, but also gives way to provide ample display space for the company’s products and increases customer engagement.

 Where is the main gate?

The main gate is where the entry point of a factory is. Any opening in the factory boundary wall meant for entry or exit acts as a gate. Plan this as per Vastu at any cost. It governs the flow of positive energies in the factory. The kind of food we eat decides our growth. Similarly, the main gate to the factory is the mouth for energies in the factory. The direction or placement of main gate as per Vastu decides how the factory will grow.   

Removing negative energy from the factory main gate

It is also important to prepare the entrance of a factory or business space to remove any negative energy. Create an auspicious environment in the front entryway of your building to maximize success. When a person enters a new building, they are immediately exposed to the vibrations of the factory atmosphere. Balanced the entrance as per Vastu to ensure anyone entering the factory brings good vibes. If the main gate is not as per Vastu, remedies & Vastu treatments can be done to ensure the negative attributes of the main gate are blocked. 

Vastu Remedy for factory main gate

If the main gate of the factory is not placed in the correct direction, Vastu consultants can provide effective yet simple Vastu remedies to nullify the negative effects. No-demolition Vastu treatment methods block the negative energy entering through the wrong entrance and allow positive energy balance. However, there are some directions like South-West entrance which are not advisable as per Vastu.

Vastu Tips for Factory Main Gate

  1.   Plan the main gate of the factory as per Vastu guidelines only. This is the most important aspect to be considered while planning Vastu for factories.
  2. Choose the colour of the main gate in accordance with Vastu principles. Generally, off-white, cream of beige colours is good for all directions.
  3. Avoid placing junk, clutter or dustbin near the main gate of the factory.
  4. The main gate should preferably the biggest entry way to the factory.
  5. Hang Auspicious symbols like swastik or om on the factory main gate.

Vaastu Devayah Namah has excelled in every field of Vastu Shastra. Starting from the Vastu for construction to even Vastu expert for Factory Main Gate, we cover every major and minor concern to accelerate a better outcome for your business.

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